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Topic:Mobile & Tablet

  • Mobile-Checkout Experience: Tips

    Remember these essential experience elements that are often overlooked or easily forgotten during the mobile-checkout manbetx官方网站手机版design process.

  • manbetx官方网站手机版Designing Effective App Permission Requests

    App permission requests are an important part of the overall user experience,yet they are often neglected by app manbetx官方网站手机版designers.Here are 3 tips for manbetx官方网站手机版designing them well: get content,timing,and decision reversal right,or users will just say NO.

  • Social Features in Chinese Apps

    Social features (like online communities and experience sharing) are very popular in Chinese apps.This video offers examples and tips for adding social features to your product.

  • The Mobile Checkout Experience

    Optimize the checkout experience on mobile ecommerce channels by taking into account the strengths and limitations of mobile devices.Aim to minimize the number of steps and typing,and take advantage of capabilities such as geolocation and the camera.

  • Five Mistakes in manbetx官方网站手机版Designing Mobile Push Notifications

    Provide value to users before asking them to receive your app's notifications;tell them what the notifications will be about.Don't send notifications in bursts;make it easy to turn them off.

  • How To Setup a Mobile Usability Test

    There are a lot of elements involved in a mobile usability test.In this video,我们将通过一个例子测试设置,including the necessary equipment,and discuss how to prepare for a test.

  • Shopping Cart or Wishlist?Saving Products for Later in Ecommerce

    On ecommerce sites,saving shopping-cart items for possible later purchase must be discoverable and low-effort.

  • Mobile Login Methods Help Chinese Users Avoid Password Roadblocks

    In China,QR-code scanning and verification codes are popular mobile-login alternatives that circumvent the problem of remembering and typing passwords.

  • Carousels on Mobile Devices

    Carousels on touch screens are plagued by low discoverability and sequential access,and not all manbetx官方网站手机版designs implement swipe as a carousel control.

  • manbetx官方网站手机版Design for Kids Based on Their Stage of Physical Development

    As kids' physical development throughout childhood changes,so do their physical abilities,constraints,and device preferences.Touch gestures such as swiping and tapping big targets are easy for all children,but fine mouse or trackpad gestures such as dragging are hard for young kids.

  • Distracted Driving: 万博官网manbetx下载UX's Responsibility to Do No Harm

    I walked away from two distracted-driving accidents in one week.Can we use known 万博官网manbetx下载UX principles to reduce harm?

  • Banner Blindness Revisited: Users Dodge Ads on Mobile and Desktop

    Users have learned to ignore content that resembles ads,is close to ads,or appears in locations traditionally dedicated to ads.

  • The State of Mobile User Experience

    Ten years from the original iPhone,the field of mobile 万博官网manbetx下载UX has finally reached maturity.

  • M-Commerce: Terrible 万博官网manbetx下载UX

    Traffic and sales data show that ecommerce sites had 111% higher sales-per-visit on desktop than on mobile on Cyber Monday 2017.Better than 2014 when desktop sold 288% more.

  • iPhone X: The Rise of Gestures

    Replacing the Home button with a swipe gesture creates some 万博官网manbetx下载UX difficulties,but they are likely to be overcome by the benefit of a larger screen.

  • We Can Do Better on Mobile: manbetx官方网站手机版Designing for the Medium

    Mobile manbetx官方网站手机版designs need to do more than shrink a desktop experience to a smaller screen: they must create innovative,integrated and enhanced experiences.

  • Mobile Tables: Comparisons and Other Data Tables

    Locking headers and allowing users to select a subset of data according to their needs make large data tables usable on mobile devices.

  • Small Pictures on Big Screens: Scaling Up from Mobile to Desktop

    To transition images from mobile to desktop,consider relative screen space and information density.Pay attention to cropping,scaling,and proportions.

  • Mobile Subnavigation

    Accordions,sequential menus,section menus and category landing pages are popular options for implementing mobile subnavigation.

  • Don't Use Split Buttons for Navigation Menus

    Menu on hover,category landing page on click: we discuss challenges and solutions for replicating this pattern on touchscreens.

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