Intranet Usability Guidelines: Findings from User Testing of 42 Intranets


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Improving the usability of your intranet will increase employee productivity,知识,satisfaction,以及合作。These reports outline detailed recommendations for enhancing the intranet experience from both and employee and business perspective,基于我们的观察研究。

本系列包括九报告关于特定主题和礼物782 guidelines.Discussions,938 screenshotsof intranets,charts,插图补充了调查结果。

Buy individual reports,或save 48%当您一起购买全部9卷时:总计1505页constituting a complete intranet usability library.


What's new in the 3rd edition?

The third edition contains additional recommendations and examples — increasing from 614 to 782 guidelines based on research conducted at 15 new companies (plus the 27 from studies for volumes one and two.).


  • 社交网络
  • 不同的IA模型
  • 平面搜索和导航
  • Knowledge sharing
  • 内部网角色


The information in these reports is based on three separate rounds of user research with company employees as participants.We used two different research methods:

  • One-on-one usability testing
  • Field studies,在这期间,我们跟踪观察员工的正常工作情况。

数百人测试了42个内网。The studies took place in the United States,英国,Finland,荷兰,瑞士Canada,United Arab Emirates,和中国(香港)。

In addition,第2卷和第9卷包括从多个尼尔森-诺曼集团的调查中获得的数据。manbetx官网手机登陆Usability Weekconferences to intranet manbetx官方网站手机版designers.