How to Recruit Participants for Usability Studies

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A well-managed recruiting program at an organization allows teams to quickly find quality participants for usability studies.

This190-pagereport gives you234 guidelineson how to set up and manage a recruiting program.It also presents advice on when to outsource to a recruiting agency and when to use in-house recruiting.

Topics covered

  • Learn how to set up and manage a recruiting program to get the right users for usability studies
  • Know when it's appropriate to outsource to a recruiting agency or use in-house recruiting
  • Planning for recruiting
    • Recruiting criteria
    • Incentives
    • Going to participants vs.having them come to you
    • Screening script and questionnaire
  • Screening and scheduling participants
    • Recruiting on your own
    • 与外部招聘机构
    • Reusing Participants
  • Running the test sessions
    • Ensuring participants' safety,privacy,and physical comfort
    • Preparing session materials
    • Dealing with unqualified participants
  • Building and maintaining a participant database and recruiting staff
  • Sample scripts and forms