How People Read on the Web: The Eyetracking Evidence


We observedmore than 300 peopleuse hundreds of different websites (equaling 1.5 million fixations — or "looks" and recordings that comprise more than 300 GB of data).这个355页提供报告83.网络写作和内容布局建议,plus102详细调查结果about how people read on the web,including scanning patterns revealed as we used eyetracking technology during usability tests.

The research findings are supplemented with288插图,包括以下内容:

  • 凝视图(点表示一个人眼睛聚焦的点)
  • 热图(许多人看的地方用颜色表示的可视化效果)
  • Screenshot examples


  • How to attract attention with web page manbetx官方网站手机版design
    • Making predictable,可扫描页面以提高可读性
    • 用于不同页面类型并为其设计的平均时间和固定内容manbetx官方网站手机版
    • 人们看到和阅读的特定元素,为什么
    • Writing and arranging content to lead people through your site
  • Gaze patterns users commonly exhibit and accommodating these behaviors
    • F-pattern
    • Layer Cake Pattern
    • 旁路模式
    • 斑点状
    • 承诺模式
    • Scanning vs.阅读,why people do it,and how to drive user behavior with your manbetx官方网站手机版design
  • 特定页面的manbetx官方网站手机版页面设计模式,如文章页面,segmented pages,和搜索引擎结果页(SERP)
  • SERP上常见的注视模式及其原因
    • 回答充分性:用户只需查询SERP上显示的结果标题和描述就可以找到答案。
    • Kick effect: People look at the last result on a SERP before leaving the page.(第十个有机结果,on a page of 10 results,is the lowest result looked at in 12% of cases versus 7% combined for the seventh,第八,第九个结果。In59%的病例,人们只看到第三个有机结果。
    • Other patterns such as skipping,回溯,一见钟情,之字形的,再驯化,and bypassing
    • 吸引人们的短语,appeal to prurient interests,惊奇,or degrade credibility
  • 鼓励通过网页格式技术阅读
    • Writing styles that improve comprehension
    • 使用标题,副标题,and page priority — how to get these right
    • Information-bearing words in links and leading sentences,它们对可用性和扫描的积极影响
    • 引人注目的文本元素,如大写字母和项目符号列表可以产生兴趣。人们观察了所有大写字母中出现的29%的单词。人们看有项目符号的列表比看没有项目符号的列表更频繁(70% vs.55%,respectively).
    • Writing for people with low literacy
  • 固定VSliquid layout,和列宽:与扫描模式相关的正负项
  • 诱使用户在错误的时间和错误的原因上花费固定值的错误。
  • 表布局,便于数据使用
  • 处理复杂内容
  • 计划扫描行为
    • 详尽的回顾:人们在某个区域或页面上进行广泛而反复的浏览,因为他们期望得到他们想要的信息,但他们找不到。
    • 定向扫描:一个人寻找特定的信息,如姓名或单词,并期望在页面上找到它。
    • Motivated scanning: Scan patterns fueled by good page layout,有趣的内容,个人利益,或一个可信的建议。
    • Impressionable scanning: A person is more open to reading the words as the author has written them.

Research Method



我们在办公室里进行了这项研究,并使用眼睛跟踪技术跟踪了每个人的眼睛。The researcher sat in the same room with the participant and observe the participant's screen in real-time using an external monitor.

学习结束后,we analyzed each of the 1.5 million fixations that we captured.All of the studies took place in the United States,在纽约市,NY and Boston,妈妈。