Omnichannel Journeys and Customer Experience

Create a usable and cohesive cross-channel experience by following guidelines to resolve common user pain points in a multi-channel landscape

Customers interact with businesses not only through many channels,but also on many devices.Rather than seeing each of these interactions as a separate experience,users view all interactions with an organization as part of one larger user experience.Thus,a company may think,"multi-channel service," but a customer thinks,"one company,one user experience."

For this reason,organizations must create a cohesive ecosystem of business channels and touchpoints where each not only provides their own unique benefits,but also compliments and seamlessly connects to the experience as a whole.

This course will focus on diagnosing common pain points in customer journeys.We will also discuss guidelines for creating a usable experience across many channels to create personalized experiences that are consistent,seamless,optimized for the context of each device.

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