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User-Experience Quiz: 2018 万博官网manbetx下载UX Year in Review

通过 拉鲁卡布迪乌on January 6,二千零一十九

总结:Test your 万博官网manbetx下载UX knowledge by taking our quiz.All questions and answers are based on manbetx官网手机登陆articles that we published last year.

All the answers can be found in manbetx官网手机登陆articles that we published in 2018.

  1. 权威原则是指什么?
    1. People tend to rebel against those placed in positions of authority.
    2. People tend to comply with those placed in positions of authority.
    3. 如果一个网站包含权威符号,人们更容易忽略它的可用性问题。
    4. 当用户看到站点时,在前50毫秒内评估站点的权威性。

  2. 以下哪一项对于F形网页阅读模式是正确的?
    1. 在网上扫描并不总是呈F形。
    2. F模式对用户是正的。
    3. The F-pattern is positive for businesses.
    4. manbetx官方网站手机版Design cannot interfere with the F-shape pattern.

  3. Which of the following user-behavior patterns describes the phenomenon known as "the Vortex"?
    1. Opening multiple tabs in rapid-fire succession to save the items on those pages and revisit them at a later stage
    2. Rapid,frequent switching among different windows or tabs
    3. 一个单一的有意的互动,然后是一系列未计划的交互that create a sense of深入数字空间
    4. 反复回顾屏幕上的特定区域

    Extra credit:命名其他选项描述的行为模式。


  4. The inverted-pyramid writing style:
    1. 是一种写作风格,文章以最重要的信息开头
    2. 和学术写作一样
    3. 适合印刷,但不是为了网络
    4. 负面影响理解

  5. 以下哪个可用性测试设置描述了一个科目间的学习设计?manbetx官方网站手机版
    1. A pair of two different people collaborate during a test session.
    2. 两个不同的人同时在不同的房间里分别处理相同的任务。
    3. 同一个参与者测试设计的所有不同版本。manbetx官方网站手机版
    4. 不同的人测试每个版本的设计,manbetx官方网站手机版所以每个人只接触一个版本。

  6. What is an empathy map?
    1. 一种协作可视化,它表达了我们对用户类型的了解
    2. A diagram that visualizes the relationships between (1) different service components and (2) processes tied to touchpoints in a customer journey
    3. 为实现与特定业务或产品相关的目标而进行的流程可视化。
    4. 一个“普通”人为了完成一个目标而经历的整个端到端体验的可视化。

    Extra credit: Name the visualizations described by the other alternatives.


  7. 以下哪项是事后测验而不是事后调查问卷?
    1. 简易问卷
    2. System Usability Scale (SUS)
    3. NASA-TLX
    4. 主观心理努力问卷(SMEQ)

  8. Which of the following is NOT a type of manbetx官方网站手机版design review?
    1. 启发式评价
    2. 任务分析
    3. 独立设计评论manbetx官方网站手机版
    4. 万博官网manbetx下载用户体验专家评论

  9. What is external memory?
    1. A mental buffer or scratchpad in which the mind deposits information relevant to the current task
    2. 使我们能够存储信息的大脑过程(例如,话,句子,概念)在短时间内
    3. 使我们能够存储信息的大脑过程(例如,话,句子,概念)长期
    4. Any tool or UI feature that allows users to explicitly save and access information needed during a task.

    Extra credit:命名其他选项描述的内存类型。


  10. 以下哪一项是包含50件物品的移动传送带最可能的缺点?
    1. It creates the illusion of completeness.
    2. Sequential access is needed in order to reach the items inside the carousel.
    3. 到达传送带内的物品需要直接进入。
    4. 屏幕上的空间太大。

What Was Your Score?

  • 10:下次我们宣布一个职位空缺时,把你的简历发给我们。
  • 8–9:你是用户体验专家。万博官网manbetx下载An 80% score (on a much bigger set of exams) is what'srequired for 万博官网manbetx下载UX Certification.This quiz is good practice,但不算是UX认证。万博官网manbetx下载
  • 6—7:You clearly know a good deal about 万博官网manbetx下载UX,但可能想在明年更加努力地学习。考虑订阅我们的时事通讯以获取未来的文章manbetx官网手机登陆它们被出版了。
  • 1—5:好消息是你可以更努力地学习,right now.请阅读以下提供的所有参考文献:manbetx官网手机登陆揭示答案按钮。
  • 0:Are you sure you're into user experience?研究起来。阅读参考文章并再次尝试测验。manbetx官网手机登陆


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