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by Kim Flahertyon March 19,二千零一十七

Summary:无缝的用户体验,无论是通道还是设备,is one of the 5 components of a usable omnichannel experience.使跨渠道移动变得简单的公司具有竞争优势。

用户通过多种渠道与公司和组织互动,包括网络,移动和平板应用程序,电子邮件,亭网上聊天,and by speaking with customer representatives in physical locations or over the phone.当用户通过特定渠道与组织进行接触时,他们将其视为构成他们与公司整体用户体验的众多交互之一。万博官网manbetx下载任何一个通道上的UX故障对整个体验的反映都很差。

Our user research on omnichannel user experience identified five key elements of a usable omnichannel experience:

This article discusses why seamlessness is important in the omnichannel experience.

manbetx官方网站手机版Designing for the Entire Journey,不是为了一个单独的互动


  • There is an external interruption or change in context.在某些情况下,users are not able to complete an activity in one go because they are interrupted.Imagine you're in the middle of purchasing a new car-insurance policy on your desktop computer when it's time to go pick up your child from school.在停车场等待时,您可以在移动设备上继续注册过程,taking advantage of the fact that your vehicle identification number and license plate are easily available.
  • 这个任务更适合另一个频道.用户经常会更换频道,因为他们的活动在当前频道上变得过于费力,而另一个频道似乎更有效或更高效。Imagine discussing a charge on your mobile phone bill via online chat.如果情况复杂,需要很多解释,you might choose to call the carrier to continue the discussion over the phone instead of typing a lot of information.或者你可以在下班路上用手机观看现场篮球比赛,but,once you get home,you finish it on your desktop computer or large television.
  • T他的活动需要它.Some activities by nature require users to move across various channels to complete them.For example,从网上食谱准备一顿饭可能需要多个渠道。当你选择一个菜谱时,它可能会在桌面上开始。然后移动到移动应用程序,在商店中购买原料列表,然后在厨房的平板上完成,这样你可以在烹饪时参考食谱。

了解用户跨渠道移动的原因和时间可以帮助您设计高效和简化的渠道转换。manbetx官方网站手机版目的是把这些不同的touchpointsto create a seamless journey rather than a collection of disjointed interactions.

定义:无缝is a quality of any crosschannel customer journey where the transitions (or handoffs) from one channel to the next involve zero  or minimal overhead for the users.Basically,如果你能找到你离开的地方,用户体验将是无缝的。但是,如果用户在切换到新频道时必须重新建立上下文和/或重新工作,then the experience will feel bumpy.

The Necessity of Seamlessness

With the rise of mobility and the proliferation of new devices and interaction channels,客户希望获得高效的体验,可接近的,当它们改变设备和环境时,它们也随之移动。对于组织来说,在各种渠道上提供可行的解决方案已经不够了,but they must begin blurring the lines between these experiences,允许用户在它们之间无缝移动,不会有任何困难。An enjoyable experience with your organization regardless of the channels involved can be an important differentiator between you and your competitor's offerings.

Cinemark的设计manbetx官方网站手机版特点有助于实现无缝的客户旅程。The web and the mobile-app experiences identify the user's location and suggest a favorite theater.Users can browse movies on the desktop,但是,如果他们想利用像苹果支付这样的快速支付方式,可以在他们的移动设备上购买电影票。一旦用户切换到移动应用程序,the movies playing at the favorite (or closest) theater will be displayed,so the user will be able to easily resume the task.At the theater,可以在柜台取票,或者在售货亭输入交易确认号码或扫描用于购买的信用卡。(更好的是,用户可以显示其确认号码-或同等号码QR code-在入口,without having to pick up tickets.)

一旦用户进入剧院,a push notification to their mobile phones asks them to turn their phones to "CineMode",which silences the phones during the movie.选择电影模式的人会立即在特许经营点获得可赎回的奖励。They can easily show the reward on their phone to the concession staff and will likely purchase even more!

这段旅程包括5个接触点和4个不同的渠道,yet for users it's one unique great experience,因为在没有任何重大障碍的情况下,从一个渠道过渡到下一个渠道是很容易的。

Cinemark Seamless Journey
Cinemark created a seamless journey across different interaction channels.

大多数客户在完成任务时对困难反应不好。如果交互成本做一件事克服了它perceived value,users will abandon the task or the brand — either now,或者在未来的互动中。只有那些非常有动机的人才会努力克服障碍。

我们研究的一个参与者从沃尔玛网站购买了一个婴儿秋千,并选择在商店里买。然而,at the store,the barcode received through email could not be scanned.后来,在发现秋千坏了之后,she attempted to return it to the store,but the store's system for processing online-order returns was down,so she was asked to call to process the return.  The return process via the phone was long and arduous.She had to ship the product back to a warehouse,but she did not have a shipping box since she hadn't been given one at pickup.此外,她不知道该用哪家运输公司退货,due to conflicting information received through multiple emails from Walmart.The entire customer journey included 14 interactions and 5 roadblocks she had to overcome along the way.在经历结束时,用户感到沮丧和疲惫,说:“这可能是我最后一次从沃尔玛订购任何东西。”这个用户的全程如下所示,每个路障都有一个红色的X图标。

Walmart Customer Journey
One study participant had to overcome 5 roadblocks (marked by red X icons) to purchase and return a baby swing from每一个障碍都代表着她客户旅程中的一个时刻,当她无法完成所需的交互并需要找到另一个选择时。

确定旅程的路障,触发器,and Next Steps

创建无缝的客户旅程需要组织了解客户如何跨渠道移动以完成任务,and also identify and eliminate potential roadblocks in the journey.


  • Are there times when the activity requires users to change channels?如果是这样,do you facilitate the transition or do you leave this burden up to your users?

Hyvee杂货店的在线通道允许人们订购杂货,以便在商店取货。The confirmation email provides detailed instructions about how to pick up the items.

Best Buy Order Pickup
百思买的订单取货短信没有提供有关如何在商店取货的说明。我们研究中的一位用户对她应该停在哪里感到困惑,as her items were large and heavy.
  • 是否有您的用户通常跨多个渠道划分的工作流?如果是这样,您能帮助实现跨通道转换的自动化吗?例如,许多谷歌地图用户在桌面上搜索方向,当他们进入他们的车辆时,他们通常会在移动设备上进行相同的搜索。The Google Maps web interface offers an option to directly send the directions to the phone.
  • Do you trigger an action that drives users to another channel?如果是这样,该频道的后续步骤是什么?用户能否成功继续?

For example,one study participant who was shopping for paint at Home Depot found a touchscreen display that allowed her to scan barcodes from the paint swatches in order to see the paint color in a room.The display let her send the project to herself so she could reference the information later.虽然这个功能看起来很有用,the next steps in the process were problematic.用户表示,“我选择了发短信选项。Sadly,当我点击他们发回我的项目短信的链接时,整个体验都崩溃了,当页面完全缩小时。It was not meant for viewing on my phone even though they texted me!一旦我放大,我看到它甚至没有包括我所期望的主要信息:特别是,the names of the colors I chose.  It only showed the colored photo!This seems like such an obvious omission,as having the color combination written down was really the only thing I wanted."

家得宝(Home Depot)的一个互动展示网站并不是为来自移动设备的流量而建立的,它缺乏推进活动所需的重要细节。
  • Do your customers encounter a roadblock?你能做些什么来解决这个问题?一位杂货店的购物者试图使用杂货店的移动应用程序扫描显示在一盒鸡蛋上的数字优惠券,以便在收银机上额外节省开支。不幸的是,应用程序无法扫描条形码。用户说:“我试图扫描应用程序折扣的条形码。没有运气,因为某种原因它看不懂。Then I tried to search for the eggs in the app,and the discount wasn't there!Very confusing and frustrating,and I ended up not even getting the eggs."


Egg Barcode Coupon
The store's mobile app couldn't scan the barcode,没有其他方法可以得到折扣。

用户研究(如现场研究和日记研究)可以帮助您回答这些问题,并找到简化客户旅程的方法。特别地,diary studieshelp you understand experiences that unfold over time and provide data forcustomer-journey maps,which are important  for identifying,分析,以及在旅程中断时简化情况。

Streamline the Customer Journey

Once you have examined the customer journey,实施解决方案以解决障碍并促进用户过渡。While every organization will have unique circumstances and challenges,简化任何旅程的一些常见策略包括:

  • Make it easy to continue activities where they were left off.许多活动是连续的,应该很容易在不同的渠道上恢复。想办法让这种转变尽可能容易。一些解决方案包括:
    • 认证.Requiring users to sign in as they use a channel is an easy solution,虽然not always acceptable.While sites such as Netflix and Facebook prevent use without an account,它是unreasonable to ask people to log inbefore they're allowed to purchase batteries on a random ecommerce site.
    • 发送链接以继续.允许用户通过电子邮件向自己发送一个链接,通过这个链接他们可以重新开始一项活动,这是一种确保无缝的低成本方法。此方法的一个版本是发送二维码或简单的密码,那when entered,will enable users to finish their task on a different device.
    • Hand off.Devices within the Apple ecosystem allow users to hand off an experience to a different device — for example,在智能手机Hulu应用程序上观看的电影可以通过触摸按钮在iPad Hulu应用程序上继续播放。manbetx官方网站手机版设计人员应该利用这些操作系统提供的机会。
Netflix makes it easy for users to continue watching a program they haven't finished yet by presenting them in a separate list.
  • 为用户提供沙盒以存储项目.当用户被中断或在任务中途切换频道时,可以方便地重新访问信息或保存进度。确保您的解决方案提供停止和开始活动的方法,而不会丢失进度或进行返工。

On,there are multiple ways to save items of interest for easy access at another time: various wish lists,save-for-later feature at checkout,以及最近查看过的产品列表。所有这些都节省了未来的时间,因为浏览产品、缩小选项范围或定位特定项目的过程可能非常耗时。

Amazon Sandbox Checkout Page
Amazon allows users to add items of interest to wishlists (top) or to save them for later in the shopping cart (bottom).If they decide to purchase a product at a later date,they won't have to locate it again.

Making information easily accessible for future interactions can be as simple as providing a link to your web content and making sure that the link is accessible across all devices.Many people will email themselves a link to a particular page to remember to visit it again or to simplify the task of reaccessing the content,so ensure that your site allows deep linking.(深层链接指的是指向网站主页以外页面的支持链接。)

RealtortextShare公司 has email and text sharing capabilities on real estate listings within its iPad application.
  • 促进下一步。Be proactive — identify patterns of use and see if you can support them.每当您触发一个将用户驱动到不同通道的操作,或者发现用户遵循一致的跨通道工作流时,find ways to help them complete the next action rather than leaving this burden up to them.上面讨论的谷歌地图的“发送到电话”功能表明,设计师了解人们如何使用方向,并支持他们转换到不同的设备。manbetx官方网站手机版This is an example of a user-initiated pattern of use that was identified and facilitated by the manbetx官方网站手机版design.


Walmart Store Pickup Email
When Walmart emailed the user that her order was ready for pickup it included detailed information about how to proceed with the task in the store.
The UPS My Choice app provided an error message when the user entered an address not listed as residential.The error message suggested to contact the company,but it was up to the user to find the phone number or contact page.A clickable support number and a link to the support page on the website should have been part of the error message in order to facilitate users' next step.

Seamless Experiences Often Require Changes Behind the Scenes

许多障碍或渠道之间的问题性过渡源于比渠道体验前端设计更深的问题。manbetx官方网站手机版随着各组织逐渐适应新的渠道,技术和程序是逐步增加的,通常是完全分开的。流程中缺乏协调为许多组织创建了分散的后端基础架构。真正无缝的体验通常需要在集成后端系统方面进行投资,以防止阻碍系统约束。For example,in the Walmart example,the store was not able to process returns on online orders.这表示独立,isolated systems for the online and offline commerce.看起来不应该影响用户的内部问题最终会严重影响用户体验。

后端技术只是幕后所需更改的一个方面。其他约束可能是由单独的履行过程造成的,disjointed organizational hierarchies and working teams,或者在新的多渠道世界中不再有效的旧程序。Creating a seamless omnichannel experience depends on breaking down silos and integrating previously discrete experiences into a continuum.



In addition to being seamless,全渠道渠道体验必须一致的针对上下文优化,精心策划的,and collaborative.


(本文的早期版本最初于11月24日出版,2013。The article was last updated and revised on March 19,2017.)