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Jakob Nielsen

Jakob Nielsen,Ph.D.,is a User Advocate and principal of the Nielsen manbetx官网手机登陆Norman Group which he co-founded with Dr.Donald A.manbetx官网手机登陆Norman (former VP of research at Apple Computer).Dr.Nielsen established the "discount usability engineering" movement for fast and cheap improvements of user interfaces and has invented several usability methods,including heuristic evaluation.He holds 79 United States patents,mainly on ways of making the Internet easier to use.Read more about Jakob.

manbetx官网手机登陆Articles and Videos

  • Website Reading: It (Sometimes) Does Happen

    When web content helps users focus on sections of interest,users switch from scanning to actually reading the copy.

  • Interesting Facts Make Web Pages Compelling

    Users hunt for facts online,so factually rich content will attract readers and keep their attention.

  • Seniors as Web Users

    Users aged 65 and older are 43% slower at using websites than users aged 21–55.This is an improvement over previous studies,but manbetx官方网站手机版designs must change to better accommodate aging users.

  • Usability for Novel vs.Routine Tasks

    Repetitive actions on websites often work well,but when users try something new,they frequently fail.

  • Users' Pagination Preferences and "View All"

    Long listings might need pagination by default,but if users customize the display to View All list items,respect that preference.

  • Strength of User Research Evidence

    Usability findings derived from a broad base of diverse studies have higher credibility than those based on many users with a single stimulus.

  • Mobile Usability for Cats: Essential manbetx官方网站手机版Design Principles for Felines

    Feline users require special considerations,including larger tap target zones for paws,continual animation,and audible vocalization.

  • Converting Search into Navigation

    Most users are unable to solve even halfway complicated problems with search.Better to redirect their efforts into more supportive user interfaces when possible.

  • Intranet Social Features

    Employee collaboration and open communication are now business drivers in many companies,but social enterprise features are often poorly integrated with the rest of the intranet.

  • QA & 万博官网manbetx下载UX

    Quality assurance impacts the user experience: when things don't work,users question their understanding and develop superstitions and inefficient workarounds.

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