First Diverge, Then Converge During UX Workshops

Summary:A general technique that's helpful in many kinds of UX workshops and design ideation is to first have team members work independently to create diverging ideas and solutions. Then, as a separate step, everybody works together to converge on the final outcome.

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The Diverge-and-Converge Technique for UX Workshops

By first working independently on a problem, then converging to share insights, teams can leverage the benefits of both work styles, leading to rapid data analysis, diverse ideas, and high-quality designs.

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Therese Fessendenis a User Experience Specialist with Nielsen Norman Group, manager of the Online Seminar Program, and host of the NN/g UX Podcast. While she is not in the office, she spends some of her time as a Captain in the U.S. Army Reserve. Her experience with varying industries and types of clients lends to a unique perspective of how user experience research can better inform design and business decisions.

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