UX Maturity and Budget

Summary:Organizations climbing the eight levels of UX Maturity can become complacent at level 4, when they have been allocated budget. Budget does not equal maturity or even viability. Identify your maturity and how to progress.

Video Author

Kara Perniceis Senior Vice President at Nielsen Norman Group. Pernice pioneered UX research methods beginning in the early 1990's, and continues to evolve user-centered research methods and processes to best collaborate with organizations. She helps to improve their UX strategy, increase their UX maturity, and derive experiences that useful, simple, and surpass business goals. Pernice is accomplished at evaluating and managing design situations, and crafting with a team the most fitting research methods, and converting this analysis into insights and outstanding designs. She is the creator of NN/g's Intranet Design Annual and UX Certification Program.

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