• Paper Prototyping: Getting User Data Before You Code

    With a paper prototype, you can user test early design ideas at an extremely low cost. Doing so lets you fix usability problems before you waste money implementing something that doesn't work.

  • 招聘可用性研究的测试参与者

    Easy test user recruiting is crucial to an effective usability process. The average per-user cost is $171, but varies greatly depending on location and the targeted profession.

  • 成为一种可用性专业人士

    A successful usability career requires some theoretical knowledge, but mainly rests on brainpower and many years' experience testing and studying users. The only way to gain that experience is to start now.

  • 关键Web的3CS使用:收集,比较,选择

    According to a recent critical incident analysis, users' most important Web tasks involve collecting and comparing multiple pieces of information, usually so they can make a choice.

  • 成功率:最简单的可用性度量

    In addition to being expensive, collecting usability metrics interferes with the goal of gathering qualitative insights to drive design decisions. As a compromise, you can measure users' ability to complete tasks. Success rates are easy to understand and represent usability's bottom line.

  • 可用度量标准

    Although measuring usability can cost four times as much as conducting qualitative studies (which often generate better insight), metrics are sometimes worth the expense. Among other things, metrics can help managers track design progress and support decisions about when to release a product.

  • 为什么你只需要用5个用户测试

    Elaborate usability tests are a waste of resources. The best results come from testing no more than 5 users and running as many small tests as you can afford.

  • Details in Study Methodology Can Give Misleading Results


  • 测试网页模板是否有用


  • 用户测试网站的费用


  • Discount Usability for the Web


  • 国际网络可用性

    The unprecedented international exposure afforded by the Web increases the designer's responsibility for ensuring international usability. Because of the myriad of issues in international usability, I recommend doing international usability testing with users from a few countries in different parts of the world. No guidelines yet published are sufficiently complete to guarantee perfect international usability, so an empirical reality check is always preferred.

  • 国际可用性测试

    When working on a product intended for use abroad your best bet is to conduct international usability testing. You may need to engage a translator or even a local usability consultant, depending on the complexity of the test.

  • 迭代设计和测试图标可用性

    Sun Microsystems网站设计的图标是在几个迭代中设计和测试的,无论是与全网站设计的独立和上下文。

  • 可用性测试for the 1995 Sun Microsystems' Website

    纸张原型,卡分类和传统可用性测试都是用于指导1995年Sun Microsystems网站的设计。

  • Report From a 1994 Web Usability Study

    1994年在Hewlett-Packard,IBM,Microsoft,Sun Microsystems和Time Warner的网站上进行的可用性结果摘要;该报告包括几个着名的早期网站的屏幕捕获,因为它是网络的第一个正式可用性研究之一。

  • 可用性实验室:1994年调查

    A summary of statistics for 13 usability laboratories in 1994, an introduction to the main uses of usability laboratories in usability engineering, and survey of some of the issues related to practical use of user testing and computer-aided usability engineering.

  • Guerrilla HCI:使用折扣可用性工程来渗透恐吓屏障

    Using Discount Usability Engineering to Penetrate the Intimidation Barrier,' paper by Jakob Nielsen on simpler and cheaper ways to a better UI;with examples of fast usability projects.

  • Iterative User Interface Design

    In 4 case studies, the median usability improvement was 165% from the first to the last iteration, and the median improvement per iteration was 38%. Iterating through at least 3 versions of a UI design is recommended, since some usability metrics may decrease in some versions if a redesign has focused on improving other parameters.

  • UPA'93: Usability Professionals Association Annual Meeting

    Jakob Nielsen为1993年可用专业人员协会(UPA)年会的旅行报告。可用专业人员协会年会(Redmond,WA,1993年7月21日至23日),Sigchi Bulletin 26,2(1994年4月)。

  • 运行远程可用性测试,第2部分

    了解如何运行远程审核可用性测试。This second video covers how to actually facilitate the session with the participant and how to end with debrief, incentive, and initial analysis with your team.

  • 运行远程可用性测试,第1部分


  • 在远程未经请访的研究中捕捉骗子和异常值

    In remote usability studies, it's hard to identify test participants who should not be in the study because they don't fit the profile or don't attempt the task seriously. This is even harder in unmoderated studies, but it can (and should) be done.

  • 市场研究团队和UX研究团队可以合作,避免误解吗?


  • 与未成年人的可用性测试

    Usability studies with children and teenagers are as valuable as any other user research, but require special attention to both participant recruiting and study facilitation. You can't act the same with kids as you would with adults.

  • 远程审核可用性测试的情况


  • Virtual UX会议问答Q&A与Jakob Nielsen

    At the first Virtual UX Conference, Jakob Nielsen answered participant questions about topics ranging from user-experience careers and skill development to foldable smartphones and the future of user interfaces.

  • Qualitative vs. Quantitative UX Research


  • 3柱的可用性测试:熟练的辅导员(视频3为3)


  • 第二支支柱可用性测试:适当的任务(视频2的3)

    从usabil学习一些有用的东西ity study, you must have the test participants perform tasks that are representative of typical user goals, while avoiding bias caused by giving too detailed directions or hints.

  • 1st Pillar of Usability Testing: Typical Users (video 1 of 3)


  • 在用户研究中,对象与主题内部研究设计之间

    There are two ways to structure a UX research study when we're testing two (or more) designs: we can have each design tested by different people, or we can reuse the same users for all conditions. Each approach has some advantages and problems.

  • 折扣可用性30年

    For 30 years, the recommendations have remained the same for improving usability in a UX design project on a tight budget: simplified user testing with 5 users, early test of paper prototypes, and heuristic evaluation.

  • 用户测试with Sensitive Data

    How to conduct user research for systems with confidential or otherwise sensitive data, for example in domains like healthcare or financial services, where it can be problematic to record screens or otherwise share the user's information.

  • 形成性与总结可用性评估

    Usability testing and other UX evaluation methods can be divided into two major categories: formative evaluation and summative evaluation. Both have their place, but at different stages in the design lifecycle, and they have different characteristics, for example in the number of test participants needed for a good study.

  • 使用5个用户的可用性测试:信息觅食(视频3为3)

    Usability testing is similar to how wild animals hunt for food: we're trying to hunt down the design flaws in the user interface and must optimize a series of studies for total gain, rather than spend too much on any one study.

  • 如何设置移动可用性测试


  • 可用性测试with 5 Users: ROI Criteria (video 2 of 3)


  • How to Test Visual Design

    Visual design details like fonts and colors can have subtle but important effects on the overall user experience. Use research methods that are sensitive to these effects to test your visual design.

  • 使用5个用户的可用性测试:设计过程(视频1的3)

    Formative usability testing is best done with a small number of study participants, so that you have time and budget to test more design iterations of the user interface.

  • How and Why to Recruit Backup Participants (aka “Floaters”) in User Research


  • 捕捉问题参与者在远程未经请访的研究中


  • Remote Usability-Testing Costs: Moderated vs. Unmoderated

    Exact costs will vary, but an unmoderated 5-participant study may be 20–40% cheaper than a moderated study, and may save around 20 hours of researcher time.

  • Benchmarking UX: Tracking Metrics

    Quantitatively evaluate a product or service’s user experience by using metrics to gauge its relative performance against a meaningful standard.

  • 远程潜冲的可用性测试:如何执行它们


  • 远程审核可用性测试:为什么要执行它们


  • 可用性测试101

    UX researchers use this popular observational methodology to uncover problems and opportunities in designs.

  • Unmoderated User Tests: How and Why to Do Them


  • Tools for Unmoderated Usability Testing


  • Setup of an Eyetracking Study

    If you’re planning on running your own eyetracking study, pay attention to equipment, supplies, and placement to ensure high quality data.

  • 如何使用筛选问题选择正确的用户研究参与者

    To recruit appropriate UX research participants, assess people’s characteristics without giving away the purpose of the study.

  • '我们的用户是每个人':为大型用户受众设计大规模市场产品


  • 沉默科学:故意沉默作为一种适度技术


  • 使用未成年人的可用性测试:16个提示


  • “但是你只用5个用户测试了!”:回应关于小学研究的结果的怀疑

    “That’s just one person” and “Our real users aren’t like that” are common objections to findings from qualitative usability testing. Address these concerns proactively to ensure your research is effective.

  • 对象之间的受试者之间的研究设计


  • 卡排序:揭示用户的心理模型,以获得更好的信息架构

    Card sorting is a UX research technique in which users organize topics into groups. Use it to create an IA that suits your users' expectations.

  • 亲和力图表为协作排序X Findings and Design Ideas


  • 可用性测试,即使您知道答案

    Evidence from usability studies can be more convincing than what you say. Even if you can easily determine the difference between good and bad designs, test them anyway.

  • 编写定量和定性可用性研究的任务