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  • 用户的分页偏好和“全部”

    Long listings might need pagination by default, but if users customize the display to View All list items, respect that preference.

  • 电子商务可用性改进

    Sites have improved, and we now know much more about e-tailing usability. Today, poor content is the main cause of user failure.

  • 如何实现无痛的注册(

    I'm about to give you a number of ways to increase sales on ecommerce sites and increase sign-ups on service sites, but first, raise your hand if you personally, when surfing the web, enjoy registering to use a site.

  • Transactional Email and Confirmation Messages


  • Does User Annoyance Matter?

    Making users suffer a drop-down menu to enter state abbreviations is one of many small annoyances that add up to a less efficient, less pleasant user experience. It's worth fixing as many of these usability irritants as you can.

  • 10 High-Profit Redesign Priorities


  • Wishlists, Gift Certificates, and Gift Giving in E-Commerce

    Although gift features leverage the online medium and draw new users to a site, they also introduce many usability pitfalls. Among them are poorly designed email notifications, which many users simply ignore.

  • Show Prices for Common Scenarios


  • One Billion Internet Users


  • The Slow Tail: Time Lag Between Visiting and Buying

    Users often convert to buyers long after their initial visit to a website. A full 5% of orders occur more than 4 weeks after users click on search engine ads.

  • Amazon: No Longer the Role Model for Ecommerce Design


  • 8 Steps to Prepare for the Holiday Shopping Season

    Reduce the bounce rate for organic landing pages, collect data to manage PPC for maximum ROI, and take 6 other steps to maximize your site's holiday sales potential before it's too late.

  • Informational Articles Must Ask For the Order


  • After the Buy Button in E-Commerce

    The best way for e-commerce sites to increase subsequent orders is to treat customers well after they place their initial order.

  • 庆祝网站上的假期和特殊场合


  • Is Poor Usability Killing E-Commerce?

    User success rates on e-commerce sites are only 56%, and most sites comply with only a third of documented usability guidelines. Given this, improving a site's usability can substantially increase both sales and a site's odds of survival.

  • Helping Users Find Physical Locations

    When we asked users to find a nearby store, office, dealership, or other outlet based on information provided at a parent company's website, users succeeded only 63% of the time. On average, the 10 sites we studied complied with less than half of our 21 usability guidelines for locator design.

  • 利润最大化与用户忠诚度

    Instead of maximizing the profits from an individual visit it is better to encourage loyal users and establish non-monetary differentiation and frequent-user programs.

  • Web Research: Believe the Data


  • Why People Shop on the Web

    A survey of 1,780 people who have bought something on the Web found that convenience and ease of use are the main reasons to shop on the Web. Non-buying visits (product research) are important to shoppers.

  • 5种电子商务购物者

    Extensive user research with people shopping online identified 5 main types of behavior: product-focused, browsing, researchers, bargain-hunters, and one-time shoppers. Each user type benefits from different UX elements.

  • Don't A/B Test Yourself Off a Cliff

    A/B testing often focuses on incremental improvements to isolated parts of the user experience, leading to the risk of cumulatively poor experience that's worse than the sum of its parts.

  • 什么是转换率,ux是什么意思?

    Conversions measure whether users take a desired action on your website, so they are a great metric for tracking design improvements (or lack of same). But non-UX factors can impact conversion rates, so beware.

  • Ecommerce Selling Strategies from Brick and Mortar Stores


  • Designing Search Suggestions

    Useful search suggestions lead to relevant results and are visually distinct from the query text. (This is about how to design the search feature on your own website, whether it's an ecommerce site or not.)

  • 移动结账体验:提示


  • 5个有效在线广告提示


  • Pitfalls of Conversion-Rate-Only Concern

    Numbers don't paint the full UX picture, so in the quest for conversion rate optimization, don’t lose sight of the fact that we’re designing for humans.

  • 3规则以获得更好的比较表

    Successful comparison tables help people make decisions quickly. Simplicity, consistency, and informational are qualities of good comparison tables.