Operationalizing CX: Organizational Strategies for Delivering Superior Omnichannel Experiences

In today’s fast and interconnected world, consumers expect smooth, unfragmented interactions with companies across a variety of channels and products. The demand for high-quality customer journeys has created operational challenges for organizations. Broad-scope user experience, commonly referred to as customer experience (CX), goes beyond traditional, interaction-level user experience and seeks to design good, cohesive, and connected customer journeys, but this discipline cannot simply be stacked upon a company’s existing infrastructure, strategy, and internal practices. For CX work to thrive at scale, beyond one-off initiatives, companies must develop a supporting operational ecosystem that allows for quick reaction to customer needs. Creating this ecosystem requires organizations to transform their internal operations to resolve challenges that legacy business practices impose on CX-related business goals.

This142-page reportprovides guidance for our audience of UX practitioners, who may already have a mature UX practice within their organization at the product level but seek to broaden their experience-design work, operationalize it within their business, and deliver high-quality customer journeys at scale. The report deliversa high-level framework to guide organizationstoward operationalizing CX work.

This report was developed based on20 in-depth interviews在许多行业和不同角色的客户体验领导者,包括高管,董事和顾问。它综合了从这些访谈中获得的见解,以及来自与这些挑战相关的研究和资源的大规模文献审查以及组织寻求解决这些问题的主题。该报告还包括29 case studieshighlighting how teams have approached this work through the development of CX programs, cultural initiatives, new team and employee structures, and more. Many are success stories, demonstrating effective tactics resulting in mature CX operations. Some are lessons learned from teams whose efforts were not effective.


  • The state of customer experience
    • 顶级挑战组织看到
  • The case for CX transformation to operationalize CX work
  • 建立利益相关者买入大规模变革
  • A framework for CX transformation
    • 关键组织焦点领域
    • 4 building blocks for developing a CX program
  • 为CX转化奠定基础
    • Building stakeholder buy-in
    • 建立指导价值观和原则
    • Defining an achievable strategy and vision
    • Forecasting the ROI of CX transformation and CX initiatives
    • 识别正确的试点项目铺平道路ay for larger change
  • Working structures to support CX operations
    • Teams and roles
      • Establishing crossfunctional networks
  • Processes and approaches for operationalizing CX
    • Journey management
    • Customer listening and insight-management programs
    • Governance strategy
  • 支持工具和技术
    • 客户数据结构
    • 旅程 - 分析工具
    • Customer-data management tools
    • Metrics to track and distribute
  • Creating a culture of shared responsibility
    • Developing programs and practices for creating a company culture that delivers upon strategy