Intranet Portals: UX Design Experience from Real-Life Projects

5th Edition

一个很好的Intranet门户,可以轻松访问所有企业信息,资源和工具。Intranet Portals还可以有效地整合应用程序,连接信息,驱动治理,更改通信和减少碎片。


This653页报告礼物174 best practicesbased on83 case studies. Discussions and397 screenshot illustrationssupplement our findings.

本报告侧重于企业门户的设计,用户界面,使用,可用性和采用 - 也就是说,Intranet的用户体验看起来,感觉和行为等门户。


  • 门户特征
  • 过去和未来门户网站
  • Defining the portal
  • Development best practices
  • 治理模型
  • 部门所有权和人员配置
  • Getting employees to use and like the portal
  • 治理challenges
  • 管理内容
  • The importance of the content management system (CMS)
  • Centralized and decentralized ownership and authorship
  • Templates, standards, and guidelines
  • Communication and support
  • 用户研究,原型设计,卡分类和焦点小组
  • 通用门户主页(或没有主页)
  • 初始门户实施策略
  • 子站点
  • 部门页面
  • 人们页面
  • 网站设计与结构
  • Information architecture
  • 从Intranet Ia移动到Portal Ia需要时间
  • 个性化和定制
  • Application showcase
  • Portal platforms
  • Enterprise mobile
  • 合作和社交工具
  • Security and single sign-on
  • Search and filters
  • 改善搜索
  • 投资回报
  • Methods and technologies used to realize the vision within an organization's framework


Intranet portals are being pushed heavily by technology vendors, but the experience reported by the many portal managers we contacted is that technology only accounted for about a third of the problems they struggled with while implementing their portals. The rest were organizational issues and company politics.

此报告在Intranet Portals上呈现了独特的透视图:不是供应商尝试推动特定解决方案的概念,而是用户体验的观点。门户网站对您的员工意味着什么,门户团队如何能够提供组织需求的需求?要了解,我们调查了83真实的portal projects, getting feedback from people who have managed the creation and updating of enterprise portals.Heretheytell their stories about what works well.

Some of the most-touted features of intranet portals turn out not to be needed in most companies: for example, role-based personalization usually works better than individual personalization. Similarly, one of the world's five-largest law firms discovered that its clients needed much simpler dealrooms than those promoted by most vendors of extranet portals.

We are vendor neutral. Some other companies that charge much higher prices for their reports receive large amounts of money from vendors. In contrast, we don't work with any portal vendors, nor do we edit out any of the harsh comments about them. We also don't have anything against the vendors, nor are we trying to sour anyone’s perception of them just for the sake of doing so.