A good intranet portal provides easy access to all enterprise information, resources and tools. Intranet portals can also effectively consolidate applications, connect information, drive governance, change communication, and reduce fragmentation.

Comprehensive case studies show how the portal team can deliver what the organization and its users (your employees) need to be successful. Some of the most-praised features of intranet portals turn out not to be needed in most companies. For example, role-based personalization usually works better than individual personalization. And some compelling advice isn’t about features at all, rather it’s about process and governance.

653-pagereport presents174最佳实践基于83例案例研究。讨论和397屏幕截图插图补充我们的研究结果。

这report focuses on the design, user interface, use, usability, and adoption of an enterprise portal — that is, the user experience of intranets that look, feel and act like portals.


  • Portal characteristics
  • Past and future portals
  • 定义门户网站
  • 发展最佳实践
  • Governance models
  • Department ownership and staffing
  • 让员工使用和喜欢门户
  • 治理挑战
  • Managing content
  • 内容管理系统的重要性(CMS)
  • 集中和分散的所有权和作者
  • 模板,标准和指南
  • 沟通和支持
  • User research, prototyping, card sorting, and focus groups
  • The common portal homepage (or no homepage)
  • Initial portal implementation strategy
  • Sub-sites
  • Department pages
  • 人们pages
  • Website design and structure
  • 信息架构
  • Moving from intranet IA to portal IA takes time
  • Personalization and customization
  • 应用展示
  • 门户平台
  • 企业手机
  • 上校laboration and social tools
  • 安全和单点登录
  • 搜索和过滤器
  • Improving search
  • Return on investment
  • 用于实现组织框架内愿景的方法和技术

Vendor-Independent Analysis

Intranet Portals正在由技术供应商大量推动,但我们联系的许多门户管理人员报告的经验是技术只占他们在实施门户网站时挣扎的问题的大约三分之一。其余的是组织问题和公司政治。

这report presents a unique perspective on intranet portals: not that of a vendor trying to push a specific solution, but instead the user-experience point of view. What do portals mean to your employees and how can the portal team deliver what the organization needs? To find out, we investigated 83real门户项目,从管理创建和更新企业门户的人员获得反馈。这里他们讲述他们关于什么工作的故事。