Best SharePoint Intranets 2012-2018

This1642-pagereport features41 detailed case studiesof the best intranets using MicrosoftSharePoint 2010, 2013 and SharePoint Online, showcased in our2012-2018 Intranet Design Annuals.

Through detailed case studies about UX design, screenshots and best-practice examples, this report demonstrates trends and challenges of past winning intranets at organizations of various sizes and in different industries all using SharePoint. See how they used turnkey features and stretched the limits of customizing their SharePoint-based designs.

The winning intranets were chosen based on expert review of the design and usability of hundreds of nominated intranets, reprinted from the Intranet Design Annuals 2012-2018.


  • 41 case studiesof exemplary MS SharePoint intranets
  • 设计patterns(not code writing) that contribute to the winning intranets’ success
  • SharePoint lessons learnedand tips from the winning teams
  • Common themesamong winning intranets
  • Tipson how to incorporate usability fixes onto your intranet
  • Methods and technologiesused to achieve each organization's intranet vision
  • Before and after designs,usually hidden behind firewall
  • 693 full-color screenshotsto show you what works