B2B Website Usability for Converting Users into Leads and Customers


B2B sites have a challenging job: They need to support business customers through long, complex buying processes, they need to generate leads for the sales team, and they need to be a resource for existing customers after purchase. Ensure that your business-to-business website stands out among the competitors. Know what customers need when trying to complete tasks, such as comparing products, sharing options with colleagues, building a shortlist, and signing up for information.

Featuring complex products and services, catering to a diverse audience, and accommodating long buying cycles does not mean your website must be difficult to use.

This419-pagereport presents188 user-experience design guidelinesbased on our user research. Discussions and301 screenshot illustrationssupplement our findings.

Topics covered

  • 了解商业客户的想法:了解是什么促使他们在网站上做生意
  • Optimize content to support each stage in a long, considered buying process
  • 支持协同采购流程,帮助客户向领导层证明采购的合理性
  • 创建更好的B2B移动、平板电脑和响应性网站
  • Designing for diverse audiences
    • Personas: Putting faces to your business customers, special sectors
    • Understand how people’s experiences on general websites affect their expectations on B2B websites
    • Understand the needs of “users” and “choosers”, and how to speak to both key audiences.
  • Checklist of 181 UX guidelines to convert more business leads into customers
    • 展示你如何解决潜在客户的问题
    • Making product and service pages compelling
    • Building comparison charts that win customers
    • Including the right technical specifications
    • 建立一个更好的About Us页码
    • Creating lead-generation forms that encourage conversions
    • 显示复杂的定价方案
    • 使用内容策略展示专业技能并吸引潜在客户
    • Best practices for images, multimedia, and videos
    • Contact: phone, chat, forms, and information on contact page
    • B2B购物车和结帐
    • 注册和在线账户管理
    • Proof of business benefits: Case studies, white papers, and technical documents
    • Strong calls to action
    • Supporting and maintaining customers after the sale
    • Partner-specific custom websites
    • The online impact of offline marketing dollars
    • Considerations for international customers


The third edition contains updated research that produced new guidelines and 301 screenshot examples, an expanded mobile and tablet section, and all-new categories and organization.


The information in this report is based on our user studies, including:

  • Usability testing sessions (one-on-one)
  • Focus-group sessions
  • Site visits
  • 纵向日记研究
  • 启发式设计评审

Representative business users tested 293 B2B websites. We conducted our research in three countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, and Singapore.