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User Research Logistics

Data on user research best practices


Basel Fakhoury
CEO & Co-Founder, User Interviews

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Recorded August 2018

60 minutes


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The logistics and operations around setting up a user research session is a completely different skillset than conducting research and analyzing results. However, this job is often given to the researcher. Additionally, researchers often don’t have enough time and resources to A/B test different variables around setting up the study. This leads to companies and researchers often guessing or sticking to what the company has always done.Our company has data from over 30,000 user research sessionsthat we’ve analyzed to come up with data-backed best practices for setting up sessions.

This session will present this data to give best practices around setting up your user research project. This includes, how many people to invite, how to get them to participate, and how to get them to show up. We’ll look at different emails, incentive recommendations, and also high-level industry standards on length and number of sessions other professionals use.

Topics Covered

  • Overview of UX projects
    • What is the average number of participants per project?
    • How long are the average research sessions?
    • Does this differ by industry or company size?
    • What tools are UX professionals using?
  • Screener mistakes to avoid
    • What are the most common edits researchers make to their screener
    • What questions do researchers forget to include
  • Invite email best practices
    • What subject lines stick
    • How often you email each participant
    • How many people should you email
  • Incentive recommendations
    • What variables should affect your incentive
    • What is the average for your location
  • Decrease no-show rates
    • Best practices for decreasing no-show rates
    • What variables affect no-show rates
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User Research Logistics

60 minute online seminar