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Initiating a Design System

Addressing challenges of scaling user interface design and development


Carl Tsui
Senior Manager, UX Engineering, athenahealth

Jen Cardello
Head of Design Platforms, athenahealth



60 minutes


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A design system as a repository of user interface conventions, styles, and components is critical to designing and developing high quality products at speed and scale. This seminar addresses the opportunities and challenges of establishing a design system to be used by multiple product teams including: multi-disciplinary participation, integrating with legacy designs and technology platforms, UI framework choices, staffing, and selling the value to the organization.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to frame the benefits of a design system to designers, developers, and senior leadership
  • How to incorporate a design system initiative into an established company with multiple products of varying ages
  • How a design system complements agile transformations

Topics include:

  • How design systems accelerate product design and development and measures of success
  • 资金,人员配置和销售设计系统的组织挑战
  • Reconciling legacy product designs with a new design system - visual and technical considerations
  • How to make technology choices in a heterogeneous technology environment
  • Establishing business and organizational processes for sustaining a design system
  • Building a design systems team -- roles, responsibilities, process
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Initiating a Design System

60 minute online seminar