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Design Critiques: What, How, and When

Establish a productive critique culture and feedback loop to improve the success of your product.


Sarah Gibbons
Chief Designer, Nielsen Norman Group

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Recorded February 2019

60 minutes


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Design critiques should be a key part of the iterative creative process, but incorporating feedback into your team’s existing process proves to be difficult for many teams. However, creating a culture of honest critique improves design by incorporating multiple perspectives.

The sooner your team understands and absorbs design critiques into existing processes, the sooner your products will reap the benefits that come from these important conversations. Critiquing ongoing design projects affords changes to be made to the design before it is final, without impacting the project cost and timeline, and ultimately insures that the end product meets the original goal.

This seminar will teach you the basics of critiques so you can start immediately running critiques for your current design project — in whatever state that may be.

Topics Covered

  • Setting a solid foundation
    • Critique vs. design review
    • Anatomy of a healthy, collaborative design team
    • Common pitfalls
  • Culture of critique
    • Goals of a design critique
    • Rules of good critiques
  • Critique format
    • Pre-critique set up
    • Running the meeting
      • Facilitating
      • Presenting
    • Gathering feedback
  • Closing the feedback loop
    • Assigning responsibility
    • Driving action
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Design Critiques: What, How, and When

60 minute online seminar