Engaging Stakeholders to Build Buy-In



它似乎可以获得可用的网站,我们首先需要在我们身边拿走利益相关者并完全参与。忘记或失败,做到这一点和范围蠕变的机会,错过和损害工作的截止日期大大增加。例如,在英国内容策略师的调查中,据透露,高达25%的内容that had already been created从未发布过,主要是由于利益相关者的问题签字。

The importance of buiding stakeholder buy-in is easy to say and hard to do well. Politics, time poverty, lack of knowledge — even a lack of interest — are all the enemies of good stakeholder relations. But the good news is that there are tried and tested ways to build strong, mutually supportive relationships with your stakeholders. This seminar will inspire you with case studies, tips and techniques to transform the way you work together. Plus you’ll get to share some great war stories with your peers…

"I loved this course. I am used to pushing pixels around the screen, but as I've branched out into a UX Designer role at a large corporation, I have struggled with office politics. This course has helped me see those challenges in a new light, as a problem to solve or asset to exploit more than a burden."

Anna Willoughby,Cincinnati,哦

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