Personas: Turn User Data Into User-Centered Design

Successfully turn user data into user interfaces. Learn how to create, maintain and utilize personas throughout the UX design process.

Understanding your users is the core principle in user-centered design. But how do you get from knowing about users to actively creating an excellent user experience? Utilizing user personas as a design tool can help you accomplish just that.


In this course you will learn methods for developing effective user personas as well as time-tested techniques for embedding them into your design process to aid in decision-making and inspire creativity along the way. You will leave with a full understanding of why personas work, and the skills needed to bring them to life and utilize them effectively within your own organization and existing methodologies.

"If you're thinking of creating personas for your business, you need to attend this course. Packed with useful information, to make sure you get personas you can use, instead of pretty documents which are ignored."

Georgia Rakusen

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