CX Transformation and Journey Management

Delivering Superior Customer Experience At Scale

现代客户旅程涉及对众多渠道的互动 - 亲自,移动,桌面,社交媒体,但许多组织因淤泥工作流程和过时的基础设施而努力协调所有这些渠道的经验。然而,由于新的,破坏性公司和一些传统公司的增强经验,客户从所有公司都有高度积极的,无缝的Omnichannel客户经验。

In this course, you will learn how to address organizational barriers and lead your companies toward the adoption of a journey-driven mindset. We will discuss the steps necessary to operationalize customer experience and journey-management practices throughout an organization in order to create an environment that can deliver high-quality customer experiences at scale.

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