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  1. The recommended dimensions for touch targets are:
    1. 0.5厘米x 0.5厘米
    2. 0.75 cm x 0.75 cm
    3. 1 cm x 1 cm
    4. 1.25 cm x 1.25 cm

  2. Which of the following is most likely to NOT be a mobile microsession:
    1. Reading and dismissing a notification
    2. 在手机上瞥了一眼时间
    3. Checking your calendar for the day
    4. Reading a movie review and buying movie tickets

  3. Where are eye fixations placed in a layer-cake eye-scanning pattern?
    1. On specific words or chunks of words that stand out and are spread throughout the page
    2. Mostly on the page’s headings and subheadings
    3. 关于文本段落中的所有或大多数内容词
    4. On the words toward the beginning of lines and toward the top of the page

    额外的信用: Name the eye-scanning patterns described by the other alternatives.

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  4. Which of the following describes a UX formative evaluation?
    1. 可用性测试现场测试以了解它如何与竞争对手进行比较
    2. 在现场当前版本的定量可用性测试,以建立进一步的数量基准的基线
    3. 运行焦点小组以了解目标人口的需求
    4. Qualitative usability testing on a prototype to find out which changes need to be made

  5. 以下哪项是UI模式的示例?
    1. PressingCAPS LOCK在键盘上键入大写字母的单词
    2. save a document in a text editor
    3. Toggling between the thumbnail view and the list view in a file-explorer window
    4. 能够通过按下窗口Esc键key or clicking on aClosebutton

  6. 什么是认知地图?
    1. a tree representation of a person’s mental model for a given process or concept
    2. a graph representation of a mental model in which nodes represent concepts and are related through labeled, directed edges that illustrate relationships between them
    3. a tabular representation of a mental model
    4. any visual representation of a person’s (or a group’s) mental model for a given process or concept


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  7. 什么是信息觅食?
    1. A theory about how people navigate on the web to satisfy an information need
    2. 一种行为链,其中单个有意互动之后是许多人unplanned interactions that create a sense ofbeing pulled deeper and deeper into the information space
    3. 一种内容 - 设计方法,涉及与最重要的信息一起启动文章,然后启动细节
    4. 一个IA方法,通过要求他们组组和命名各种内容类别来收集来自用户的信息

    额外的信用: Name the concepts described by the other alternatives.

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  8. What is a treemap?
    1. A method to evaluate an information architecture
    2. A visualization of any hierarchical data
    3. A visual representation of the IA of a site
    4. 将不同类型的地图(例如,客户旅程地图,体验地图)组织的一种方式,进入单个视觉表示

  9. Thematic analysis is used for analyzing:
    1. 从定量可用性测试获得的定量数据
    2. Analytics data provided by analytics software
    3. 从用户面试获得的定性数据
    4. 从监控用户的物理表现的情感的设备获得的生物识别数据

  10. What is UI copy?
    1. Labels for commands that appear in buttons, menu items, and other action-oriented elements in the user interface
    2. Link text
    3. 用于头条新闻,电子邮件主题行,页面或工具提示的非常短的内容
    4. All of the above

    额外的信用: Name the concept described by alternative c.

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