每一个winning intranethas its own style, feature set, and personality, unique and special in its own way. But, great minds do think alike, and some themes and features are common in multiple or all of the winning intranets in ourIntranet设计年度2016年.

The10 best-designed intranets for 2016may be leading-edge cases, but the trends in their design should spread to more mainstream intranets in the next few years. Although every intranet feature won’t work well at every organization, feature trends from outstanding intranets can inspire your intranet redesign. Stay ahead of the curve and consider taking on some of the following intranet design trends now:

  1. Help and tutorials
  2. 简单,极简主义的设计设计
  3. Better photos
  4. Search evolution
  5. Carousels and heroes
  6. Fat footers
  7. Left-side navigation
  8. 针对特定主题或群体的社会特征
  9. Video
  10. Business communication

Help and Tutorials

经过多年的惩罚无益,在线帮助摆脱时尚。这是由界面承担自己的界面的想法,而不需要可用的帮助。然而,今年,我们看到了重新养活Helpthatishelpful. While the winning-intranets’ mostly employ nice-and-easy user interfaces, occasional more-involved or new interface elements do benefit from well-designed help. Help features can aid in discoverability of functionality, and expedite employees’ learning and understanding of the intranet and its capabilities.

Links to tutorials on top half of page

在Intermountain Healthcare,需要一点帮助的员工可以参考Help右轨道的部分。同样,合作员提供关于如何充分利用其内部网的彻底,广泛的指导。

NAV CANADA assists users by offering instructions about how to create a collaboration site. Such guidance and suggestions can help employees be more productive and confident as they take on new tasks.

Simple, Minimalist-Looking Design

The “flatand boxy” designs prevalent in years past are much less pronounced this year. Most of the designs, however, continue to boast a simple, sometimesminimalist, aesthetic.

Some designs, such as those from Enbridge; Repsol; and Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft, use generous white space.

左:Salini Impregilo使用灰色面板与uches of red to achieve an elegant effect with small splashes of color for excitement, as seen on the full homepage.
Right: A legible typeface and limited content makes the Salini Impregilo intranet homepage easy to scan, as seen on the first part of the homepage.
DORMA also uses a grey palette with touches of color.

Intermountain Healthcare, NAV CANADA, Swedish Parliament, and (to a lesser degree) American Cancer Society all use rectangles for a boxy, easy-to-scan design.

Better Photos

Whether it indicates a strong commitment tophotography, more people sharing photos, or simply today’s better phone cameras, the photographs on the winning intranets are quite engaging. Photos typically relate strongly to the material they accompany and often show employees doing their work.

For example, the Enbridge site shows an employee evaluating a particular job site. DORMA shows two employees joking around.

Swedish Parliament features a member giving a speech. It also shows an old-but-good feature: the “Picture of the Week” in the top right corner of the homepage. In a modern twist, users can "flip" the photo over to reveal the caption and additional information about the picture.

Search Evolution

Intranet searchis a lion that the best intranets tame.Theevolution of search上this year’s winning sites is impressive.

Enbridge periodically asks users for feedback about the search right in the UI and collects additional feedback from content owners, site owners, and business units. The team then uses the information to improve search — such as by adjusting keywords and adding metadata. Team members also change certain results’ rankings temporarily and highlight them in “Best Bets” to elevate them in the search engine.

To enhance its intranet search, Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft consolidates data sources to produce a single point of entry to knowledge resources.

Salini Impregilo’s search, which appears on every page, allows employees to search the entire intranet for news,people, projects, and documents.

Carousels and Heroes

虽然carouselis still a prominent feature on winning intranets, the hero is making a comeback. Some organizations, such as NAV CANADA and Repsol, still opt for multiple images and statements in one area, while others, such as Salini Impregilo and Intermountain Healthcare prefer one hero image to make the desired statement.

Intermountain Healthcare displays a hero image of a person exercising.

Fat Footers

Large footers at the bottom of pages became popular a few years ago and remain common today. Employees often know that the information they’re seeking is on the intranet, but they can’t always find it. When using a public-facing website, people may have the option to leave the site, and will. But employees often know that the intranet is the main source or the only place to turn to to find particular content.

Providing organized links at the bottom of pages provides employees with one more chance to locate what they need. The content in these footers can be arranged in many different ways:

  • repeat the global navigation
  • suggest related content
  • present popular links

On the NAV CANADA intranet, the wide footer navigation repeats the global navigation topics and offers a list of the megamenu links.

The Enbridge footer includes links to the public sites of Enbridge companies and information for contacting the Enterprise Service Desk. It also listsEthics and Conductinformation, along with a reminder: “Let’s work together to maintain a respectful workplace.”

The American Cancer Society's intranet footer is discernable because of the dark background juxtaposed against the light page packground.

All of these visually use an obvious aesthetic element to indicate the footer; this element can be:

  • 彩色背景与页面其他部分不同
  • border (line) delineating the footer from the page content
  • combination of the above

Side Global Navigation

Because mega menus don’t work in a phone UI, designers often use amega menufordesktop navigation, and an accordion or some other option formobile navigation. Some teams opt for menu UIs that translate easily from desktop tomobile. One such pattern popular this year is the vertical navigation bar down the left side of the page. The Swedish Parliament and Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft are among the winning organizations that follow thisnavigationpattern.

Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft offers gloabl navigation down the left side of pages.

Targeted Social

A great trend from past years continues this year: presenting社会tools in an understandable, targeted way. Gone are the days of displaying a wall feed on the homepage or in personal profiles with no additional description or context. Great intranetsuse social featuresto encourage further communication about important or trending topics.

Salini Impregilo has four major social sections with clear content types; this helps users understand what is acceptable to post. These include: employee selfies, a discussion forum, a corporate-vocabulary wiki, and contests to stimulate creativity. The company’s intranet also displays the names and photos of employees who participate the most in the social feed.

DORMA’s CEO participates in the social features, leading employees by example and playing a big role in the social features’ success. Two major company events occurred near the features’ launch; these events provided a source of content, increased interest, and natural momentum for success.

The Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft intranet lists recent hires and employee anniversaries on the homepage. Such seemingly simple features can go a long way toward building a sense of community and inclusiveness in an organization.

The Co-operators offers a variety of social features, including the weeklyFive Minutes With… (an employee-profiles feature), polls, achievements,Popular Links, and the ability for users to submit news. Also, in the site’s executive blogs, senior leaders share their knowledge and opinions and ask employees to do the same.

TheTrending Now部分美国癌症ociety intranet summarizes the site resources, search terms, and pages that receive the most traffic. This section is a simple and automated way to keep users informed of the site’s most popular items.

Enbridge employees can easily access the company’s public information on social sites — including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube — via links in the middle of the homepage. This section also includes a link to the @enbridge blog. Providing quick access to external sites raises employee awareness about information that Enbridge is sharing with the public and about the conversations occurring on social-media sites.


Tools to create, edit, and postvideoshave made them accessible and easy to deal with. Prevalence in social channels has lowered the expectation for高质量的视频制作. In fact, many people welcome the simplicity and folksiness of more realistic, just-shot-myself type of videos. With these changes, individuals, teams, and even high-level managers are taking advantage of video and sharing information in this way.


Business Communication

Business people have learned that the intranet is the perfect place to communicate their goals and statuses to all employees. This information helps employees realize how the organization is doing and motivates them to work toward and achieve organizational goals. It also adds a level of respect, signaling to all employees that they are important enough to know where the organization has set it sights, and that that each person can play positive a role in those plans.


Whether your organization is large or small; formal or informal; public, private or government; consider which of the trends here can be implemented, deployed, and used successfully on your intranet. Choose a few to do over the next year to enhance the user experience, and increase the business value of your intranet.

Full Report

有关主题,Intranet最佳实践和10名获奖者的全彩屏幕截图的更多信息,请下载2016 Intranet Design Annual. The report download comes with a folder containing each image as a .png to make it possible to zoom in and study the designs in detail.