Where should you start? There are many UX activities that can help your project start off on the right foot. One of them iscompetitive usability testing也就是说,现有设计的可用性研究以及几个竞争对手网站。抵制跳上电脑并立即开始设计的冲动。

即使需要重新设计(或刷新),don’t be so quick to throw away the existing design。你可以从中学习。通过收集用户反馈并将其送入新设计,将其作为新项目的起点。在开始之前,知道您需要的更改程度。对于敏捷团队,竞争测试是在Sprint零期间执行的有价值的活动。


竞争性可用性研究provide a way for you to assess different design patterns and user flows, and determine which concepts might work and not work for your audience. They allow you to test ideas without having to build the designs yourself and to discover new interactions for your site and avoid mistakes made by others. Usability studies lay the groundwork for the redesign process and keep you and your team focused on the right issues. You feel more confident about your decisions because you’ve witnessed people interacting with websites in similar situations.

We’ve all wondered about our competition — How well are they presenting information? How are they better than us?It is good to browse websites for inspiration. However, don’t stop there.测试它们。如果您发现您喜欢的概念和想法,不要急于复制them. The design might look good but might not be usable. Minimize risk by testing designs and know for certain whether or not they work before it’s too late. Resist the temptation to emulate without proper knowledge. This is why we often find bad design replicated across many different websites.



Competitors’ sites are the second-best prototypes你的新网站:他们解决了almost与您相同的设计问题,它们是完全实施的设计实例,这些其他公司在抛光中投入了主要资源。


  • Evaluate future features。Before you offer or build a new feature, learn whether customers consider it valuable or how it could be designed better. Seeing how customers react to features on the competitor’s site can help you determine whether they’re worth the effort.
  • Examine similar features.您的网站可以提供类似于竞争站点的功能,但一个过程可能比另一个进程更好。通过检查不同特征的不同设计,您可以快速识别工作的元素,并使您的设计更好,同时避免在其他网站上制作的错误。
  • 发现更好的做事方式。您的网站可能会测试得很好,但测试其他网站可能会揭示您没有想到的功能和互动。让人们对不同的设计作出反应使他们有机会比较和对比。当他们有几个例子时,参与者往往更好地阐明他们的想法和检索回忆,他们可以提到几个例子。


Competitive studies don’t need to take long; usually 2 days are sufficient。花了几天的研究您的网站以及1-2个竞争网站,研究将产生富有成效的调查结果,这些结果回答了复杂的UX问题并为新想法提供灵感。2天是在项目时间表的上下文中支付的小额费用。

我们基于以下的竞争性可用性测试思考 - 大声方法。在这种类型的研究中,每个参与者在大声思考时对每个网站(例如,站点A,网站B和网站C)执行相同的任务。我们观察人们如何与每个网站互动并注意口头反馈。在每个会话结束时,我们可能会询问用户更喜欢哪个版本以及为什么。关键是了解人们行为背后的理由。

To combat order effects, alternate the sequence of the websitesthat participants evaluate. For each participant, keep the number of websites they evaluate at 3 or less. When evaluating too many sites, tasks become monotonous and difficult to track for participants.



Before you redesign your site, make sure that you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current design. Garner design ideas and alternatives by studying your competitors. The focus of competitive tests is not to crown a winner, but to gain deeper insight into why design elements work or fail so we can make informed decisions moving forward.