Sometimes the best way to present information is in a bulleted list. Bulleted lists attract attention, support scanning, shorten text, and reveal the relationship of items.

The Web is usually not the place for long, narrative writing. Instead, Web readers prefer copy formatted for ease of scanning, which allows them to easily skip through chunks of text to get to areas of interest.

Many differentWeb格式化技术有助于分解密集的段落。随着粗体,缩进,线间距和颜色编码,项目符号列表是支持网络上有效读数最强大的方法之一。



Version 1

Our Spa getaway package includes two-night accommodation, two 50-minute spa treatments of your choice, an in-room breakfast for two, and gift basket upon arrival.

Version 2

Our Spa getaway package includes:

  • 双晚住宿
  • Two 50-minute spa treatment of your choice
  • An in-room breakfast for two
  • 抵达时的礼品篮




Bulleted lists work best when they include related items. The items should share a similar level of importance. When possible, write bullet items to be approximately the same length, so that one doesn’t overpower another. Keeping a uniform shape is eye pleasing and makes the list appear less busy.

Pack the following items for camp:

  • Sleeping bag
  • 泳衣我们的瀑布
  • Sunblock
  • 雨天的防水夹克。我们期待沉重的雷雨。



Pack the following items for camp:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Bathing suit
  • Sunblock
  • 防水夹克

2. Use numbered lists only when the sequence or count of items are important.




  1. 在线联系表格
  2. Chat
  3. 电话
  4. 亲自

The numbers make the list items appear to be steps in a sequential process rather than individual options.



  • 在线联系表格
  • Chat
  • 电话
  • 亲自

3. Use parallel sentence construction for list items.

Each item should have a consistent style of phrasing. Widely varied wording can be ungrammatical and may slow down (or even confuse) readers.


Please follow the rules posted throughout the park:

  • 把垃圾放在指定的垃圾箱里。
  • 动物可能会被大声噪音吓到。
  • Yellow lines mark where you can stand.
  • 这是每个人都有责任保持公园干净。

In this example, the four phrases begin with different types of words.


Please follow the rules posted throughout the park:

  • 把垃圾放在指定的垃圾箱里。
  • 不要发出响亮的声音。
  • Stand inside areas marked by yellow lines.
  • 球场保持公园干净。

第二个列表流程更好,因为每个短语以类似类型的单词开始 - 在这种情况下,动词。


当可能时,从列表项的开头省略诸如“A,”manbetx官网手机登陆“AM,”或“,”和重复单词的文章。Distinguishing keywords at the beginning每个子弹项目都让列表选项易于区分。

How to pick a ripe pineapple:

  • 给它嗅闻。它应该闻到甜蜜。
  • Give it a squeeze. It should feel firm, yet soft.
  • Give it a look. It should be golden-yellow.


How to pick a ripe pineapple:

  • 闻一闻。它应该闻到甜蜜。
  • Squeeze it. It should feel firm, yet soft.
  • 看它。颜色应该是金黄的。

5.。Introduce a list with a clear, descriptive sentence or phrase.

引入(也就是,之前使用的单词bulleted list) is important because it lets the reader know what the list is about and why it is important. The lead-in doesn’t have to be a complete sentence if each item in the list completes it in a meaningful way.


  • 徒步旅行
  • 艺术博物馆
  • 在湖边划独木舟

The lead-in (Vacationing in British哥伦比亚)没有充分描述列表。此外,此列表包括在度假时完成的东西,但是艺术博览会不是一项活动。


Our vacation in British Columbia involved:

  • 在山上徒步旅行
  • 参观艺术博物馆
  • 在湖边划独木舟

6. Keep formatting consistent.

These are the basic rules for capitalization and punctuation:

  • 如果列表项是句子, then capitalize the first word of every list item and use ending punctuation.
  • 如果列表项是碎片不要使用任何结束标点符号。您不需要利用每个列表的第一个单词。但是,我们建议大写第一个单词,以便于扫描。


  • stand up for the person being bullied
  • tell an adult about the situation
  • 鼓励被欺负的人与成年人交谈
  • 通过表明您关心提供支持




  • 站起来为被欺负的人。
  • Tell an adult about the situation.
  • 鼓励被欺负的人与成年人交谈。
  • 通过显示您的关心,提供支持。


  • 回收纸和塑料制品。
  • Using fewer disposable items.
  • 捐赠使用的服装或您不需要的东西。
  • 骑自行车或散步而不是驾驶。

The list items are fragments, and therefore don’t require end punctuation.



  • 回收纸和塑料制品
  • Using fewer disposable items
  • 捐赠使用的服装或您不需要的东西
  • 骑自行车或散步而不是驾驶

7. Don’t overuse bulleted lists, as they can lose their effectiveness.

As with any visual design technique, too much of a good thing can be harmful. Encountering a page full of dots and indents can be daunting. Choose what you want to emphasize wisely. (There are a few too many of these lists in this article, if you don’t realize that they are before–after examples.)






Vertical lists attract the eye and make each list element stand out on its own. Thus, they are more effective than inline lists at making key points easier to scan, reference, and understand.

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