用户在各种渠道中与组织进行互动,包括网络,电子邮件,移动设备,信息亭,在线聊天以及访问物理位置​​(例如店面或服务中心)。具有多通道生态系统的任何组织都应该瞄准独立的频道交互坐标,以创建一个凝聚力,一贯customer experience.

Our user research on omnichannel user experience identified 5 key components of a successful omnichannel experience:


The Importance of Consistency in the Omnichannel Experience


  • 熟悉和信心。A consistent experience sets expectations for future interactions with your organization and builds user confidence.
  • 可读性。Consistent experiences are more learnable for users who have interacted with your solutions on various other channels.
  • 效率。当考虑到设计和特性stent, customers can complete tasks faster and more efficiently on the channel of their choice in the context of their everyday lives.
  • 相信。用户渴望一致可以在渠道中提供一致经验的公司迅速获得用户的信任和建立信誉。



  1. Core functionality.您实现一致性的努力应该是首先,最重要的是您的主要产品。问问自己有哪些功能和功能支持您的业务的生命线:客户需要完成的最常见和最重要的任务是什么?您的频道体验应最小支持每个频道的这些核心任务。

    It’s true that different channels have different capabilities, and some tasks may be optimally supported on one channel. However, we cannot assume that, because a channel is not ideal for a particular task, it will not be selected for that task. Some people may not have access to the optimal channel at a given moment in time — for example, although applying for jobs is best done on a desktop computer, a fairly big segment of the population does not own such as device.

    Beyond simply supporting the task, the core features and workflows should be consistent across all channels. A very similar interaction style on all different channels will be familiar, will strengthen the brand, and will offer users the opportunity to take advantage of any knowledge acquired in previous interactions with the company.

    从新加坡的银行,DBS获取旅行保险报价,在桌面上非常不同,在桌面上,用户在路由到3之前查看产品详细信息页面rdparty site to get a quote; on tablet, they can get a quote immediately, without even viewing product information.

    在DBS网站上,用户在获取报价之前导航到保险 - 产品页面,在那里他们可以在获得报价之前阅读策略。


    After getting a quote through both channels, one test user commented, “Compared to the desktop this (the tablet) is much easier. But now the problem is that I don’t know what I’m being covered for. On the tablet, they give me the pricing right away. I had a hard time finding it on desktop. I had to dig for it.”


    Although consistency across channels is important, it’s vital for organizations to understand when it’s okay to compromise consistency in order to provide an appropriately optimized experience on each channel. In a future article, we will discuss the need for optimizing the experience for various devices and designing for the context of each devices’ role in the customer journey.

  2. Customer Data.对客户来说,你是一家公司。他们不会在组织这样的频道之间绘制分界线。因此,他们希望看到从一个通道移动到下一个频道的实时,一致和有效数据。在所有渠道中提供一致的信息意味着组织必须创建综合后端系统该分享并在飞行中更新数据。

    One study participant was a member of a meal-delivery subscription service. When she received the wrong ingredient in her most recent delivery, she called customer service to complain and also update her delivery schedule over the phone. The representative gave her a credit and adjusted her schedule. Following the phone call, she logged into her account to see whether the updates had been applied, and was frustrated when she did not see them in her online account. She called customer service again, and was assured that the information would be available the next day.

  3. 视觉设计。每个频道的一致视觉故事可以走很长的路,使一个组织出现扣除,统一,完全集成给客户。
    Nespresso Consistency

    Marriot Hotels'的视觉设计在频道上变化很大。跨频道的极端视觉不一致可能会发出不同的功能,流动或产品。他们可以使客户质疑差异的目的,最终反映品牌不佳。

    Marriott Hotels website booking experience


Consistency: 1 of 5 Recommended Cross-Channel Components


除了符合之外,跨通道体验必须是针对上下文进行了优化,seamless, orchestrated, and collaborative.

Our full day course onOmnichannel旅程和客户体验covers these recommended characteristics further.