In journalism, the inverted pyramid refers to a story structure wherethe most important information (or what might even be considered the conclusion) is presented first。The who, what, when, where and why appear at the start of a story, followed by supporting details and background information. This writing style is different than, for example,学术写作, where an abstract may summarize the main findings, but the content typically focuses first on the details, leading to the conclusion which appears at the end of the article.


The writing style can be depicted as a triangle balanced on a single point, representing the fact that content goes from the broadest facts to the smaller details.

This writing style gets to the point quickly andsupports all types of readers。Even those who have thetime or inclination to read only a single paragraph, or even single sentence will still know what the story is about. The inverted pyramid also helps editors when they need to cut a piece at a certain length to fit a publication: if the paragraphs get less and less important as you advance in the article, thearticle can easily be trimmed在几乎任何时候。

Benefits of the Inverted-Pyramid Style for Web Writing

倒金字塔非常适合网络- on any screen size. We know that usersdon’t read carefully online。他们对不参与它们的内容几乎没有耐心。用户scroll,但只有当他们认为他们想要或需要的内容时,就会出现在该页面上。倒置的金字塔样式解决了用户行为的所有这些方面。


  • 提高comprehension:用户可以快速形成一个心理模型and a general understanding of the article, making it easier to understand the details that follow.
  • Decreaseinteraction cost:用户可以了解页面的主要点,而无需花费大量时间阅读。
  • 鼓励滚动:This structure can encourage scrolling by engaging the audience with the main point, and drawing them in to the details that follow.
  • Structure content logically:Starting with broad information sets the stage for what follows. Elements likeanchor or jump links当内容构建以将用户绘制到页面时,可能会变得不必要。
  • Support readers who skim:读者可以在任何效果停止阅读t on the pageand still come away with the main point.

How to Write in the Inverted Pyramid Style

  1. Identify your key points.What piece of information is the key fact you want your readers to know, even if they only read a single paragraph or sentence on the page? What effectively summarizes all the information that will follow?
  2. 排名次要信息。概述故事详情和支持信息,优先考虑最可能对最广泛的受众感兴趣的信息,并将列表移至更小,更细微的细节。
  3. 写好和简洁。该结构仅帮助读者如果内容强劲。削减不必要的信息。快速到达这一点。采用直接的语言。采用short paragraphs and项目符号名单
  4. Frontload all elements of content with important information.The主要标题should be descriptive. The story should start with the main point. Each heading or subheading should be descriptive. The first sentence of every paragraph should be the most important. The first words in each sentence should be information-carrying and indicate what content will follow.
  5. Consider adding a summary or list of highlights.某些网站才能超越并添加摘要(如本文所做的摘要)或项目的项目符号列表,以进一步强调内容的主要外带。