When a merger or acquisition occurs, it’s not uncommon for management and employees to become frantic, unsettled, and disorganized. So, it might seem puzzling that truly great intranets may arise after a merger. But they do. In fact,每年那our内联网设计一种nnual该奖项包括由合并或收购促成的卓越设计。

这re are logical explanations for this. Mainly, intranet teams combat the tidal waves of change and uncertainty with an armada of positive elements, some of which include:

  • Experienced team members.邮政合并内联网团队通常包括多个人与内联网和谁拥有的经验studied how their employees work。This merged team brings forth wide-ranging knowledge about intranets and capitalizes on the strengths of each component subteam. For example, one subteam’s specialty may be corporate communications, while the other’s is IT. These teams don’t view each other as adversaries; rather they recognize each other’s skills and assets and complement one another as they work toward the common goals.
  • 两个或多个内联网设计,用于学习和偷猎的想法。多个组织带来多个内部网。每一个都会有成功和失败的设计团队可以学习,从中学习,从 - 采用“合并”内联网上的最佳功能和想法。
  • Clear direction from management.最高级别的经理为新组织和内联网建立了目标。例如,“成为一家公司”指令将包括致力于单一的企业文化,并鼓励所有员工了解并达到达到目标。这种行政计划提供了内联网团队,以某种东西旨在旨在创建一个新的积极员工经验,该经验包括管理层定义的身份和政策。
  • Realistic goals.团队也知道他们需要重新设计的具体,可实现的目标。在合并后的环境中,良好的目标,如“统一组织,促进协作,支持生产力,提高搜索”并不容易在短时间内实现。因此,团队经常得出2阶段战略明确认识到这些困难:

1)“一天 - 一个内联网解决方案”是一个临时优惠,专注于满足目标的最迫切需要,并为新内联网提供长期规划,研究和UX设计的队伍时间。

2) Final intranet solution builds on the findings gathered in the first stage.

  • More freedom for the intranet team.High-level managers often have pressing decisions to make after a merger, and thus, they may step away from the day-to-day, detailed intranet-design decisions. This lack of management attention allows the intranet team to dig and work, eliminates (albeit temporarily) some of the politics associated with designing intranets, and minimizes the chance that high-level managers with no用户体验设计技巧attempt to design the intranet UI.

四件事不做在a Post-Merger Intranet

Companies approach intranet designs after mergers in various ways: some thoughtfully set long- and short-term goals, while others dive in headfirst without thorough consideration of the repercussions. Intranet teams are not necessarily involved in defining the directions for post-merger organizations or even for their intranets. Rather, these are decided at the executive level, by human-resources professionals, corporate-communications specialists, or a combination of these groups. The intranet team does, however, decide how to execute and package the information and features on the intranet.





不要不解释原因就把东西拿走。员工会感到困惑,不知何去何从。更不用说,你的行为可能会被解释为高压或傲慢,并可能会使人们feel a sense of loss



保持多个内部网含蓄地告诉employees that either one is valid and leads to duplication of processes, applications, policies, and other types of content. If people followed the wrong process or act on the wrong information, the consequences could be catastrophic. Instead, do a full内容清单和审计尽快地。每个Intranet都有一些重叠的功能和类型内容可以编辑和组合的。另外,通过团队讨论和user research

Note that, in the long term, it may be okay to have multiple intranets, if the content is written and maintained in one place, and then crosslinked in the other. But the decision to have multiple intranets should be well analyzed, and not just an act of omission. (Some organizations get past the issue of knowing which intranet to go to by creating one main门户page for everyone at the company. From there, people can access deeper links stored on any intranet or in any app. But, more often, organizations find it most efficient and effective to design and maintain one main intranet.)


仅仅因为一家大公司购买了一个较小的公司,它并不意味着它的内联网更好。要求员工从收购切换到新的内联网可能会导致丧失生产力和沮丧。并迫使他们使用不太好的内联网,让他们感受到他们stepped back in the dark ages— an unpromising start for a new employer–employee relationship .


一种lso keep in mind that a hastily put together new post-merger intranet can be as bad or worse than one of the current intranets.


  • 传达这只是一个暂时的解决方案
  • Open the help desks to accept more calls
  • Provide written assistance on the intranet to avert some of the help calls


品牌and change management can and should differ on internal and external websites. The press, publicity, and content on a public-facing website can be completely different from those on the intranet.

与人员相关的功能和内容,以及术语和品牌相关内容是最敏感的职位合并。例如,品牌团队可能会决定收购公司brand names not be mentioned at all on the external website. However, that need not be the case on the intranet. For example, assume that the acquired brandacme.被替换为Roadrunner。在内部网上,作家应该可以自由地提及不推定的品牌名称,将其称为“曾经是什么acme.“或作为”Roadrunner(formerly known as Acme).” Some intranets find success using the latter phrasing, and, over time, weaning off the parentheses altogether. It’s a good idea to retain the old name for some time since it’s the way many employees recognize the brand.

Challenges Facing a Post-Merger Intranet

Left unchecked, these common issues that employees faces can cause demotivation and turnover:

  • Not understanding the new business or the organization’s new mission
  • 不知道合并以来已经发生了改变
  • 感到忽视了
  • 没有看到或了解他们的新同事
  • 关于裁员和工作变化的猜测
  • 新系统、流程和人员的不确定性
  • 不知道在哪里提供信息(或哪个内联网是“正确的”)



  • Show respect for employees通过对任何变化进行透明。轻松他们的思想,让他们感觉尽可能安全和安全。
  • Communicate how the company does business现在。使命宣言改变了吗?业务目标是否发生了变化?组织是否会冒险进入新市场或细分市场?什么文化?销售团队现在将如何销售?解释公司的计划是什么(例如,重振我们的移动通信战略,以便利用我们新收购的Acme资产)。
  • Explain how to use the intranet(s)在短期内(例如,“使用过渡Pageto find all updated policies, HR information, and sales kits”).
  • Unite组织和人民通过鼓励他们之间的沟通。
  • Introduce people and teamsto one another.
  • 启用找到正确的信息通过主页,全局导航,搜索和人员目录。



  • 地址簿。employee address book是大多数内部网的杀手级应用程序,在合并后非常重要,因此员工可以联系合适的同事。包括员工简介文档,其中包含有关人员技能和知识的信息。此外,显示每个人在整个组织层次结构中所处位置的组织结构图在大型组织中尤其有用。
  • Corporate news.分享newsat the corporate level, from the top-most managers and centralized teams, can help all employees feel like they are part of the same organization. It also keeps employees abreast of what’s important and conveys respect.
  • 来自管理的视频消息。Video adds a personal touch that the written word is missing. One can’t look into the eyes of a memo. As teams from around the organization get to know their leaders and the new direction in which the organization is steering, personal video messages from mangers can be inspiring. And, unlike announcements in live meetings, videos can be watched at any time and more than once, if needed. Video messages can demonstrate that managers care enough about their subordinates to take time and communicate with them.
  • 新的s from all parts of the organization.在新闻中提到了甚至小团队和努力,让人们感到包括并教授员工了解组织的各个方面。这种新闻还可以激发人们在作品中的项目,并可以煽动协作。
  • 文章建议。要求员工提供新闻文章和物品的建议。manbetx官网手机登陆一个简单的“建议文章主题”表格(询问主题,为什么它可能很有趣,并且联系面试的人可以从组织周围生成各种想法,并帮助员工感受到涉及的员工。此外,这可能是学习和解决与人类真正相关的问题的良机。
  • 社会特征。Social sharing in the form of online communities, walls, comment fields, likes, or team spaces enables teams to communicate and learn informally, thus promoting a collaborative culture. (However, before you get carried away by social features, ensure that user-generated content is findable and searchable through the intranet’s main-navigation menus.)
  • Monitored forum or anonymous emails.如果发生激进的改变(例如裁员,组合团队),人类需要有一个出口讨论它们。鼓励在内部网上论坛上讨论的好处意味着在一个地方可以被问及并回答所有问题。工作人员员工这个论坛可以接受训练如何最佳回答问题和QUELL问题。此外,一个论坛确定组织关心员工,并希望他们得到了解情况。但请记住,没有适当的回应和教练,或没有员工恰当地回应评论,这样的论坛可以摧毁士气和行政团队的信誉。更不用说,如果有关福利,政策和裁员的响应不正确,它可以将组织暴露给法律问题。最后,一些员工害怕在公共场合提出指控的问题。在这些情况下,替代解决方案可能涉及私人常规的匿名形式,员工员工或电子邮件地址,即员工可以向私人问题发送私人问题。
  • 搜索。一种site-wide search这爬行了内联网的每一个角落和裂缝可以赋予员工,并拿起全球导航可能失败的松弛。研究Intranet和Application UI中使用的术语和常见术语。然后在元数据中添加这些中的同义词圈,所以即使他们也会成功搜索用于退休期或产品。要改进条款,请考虑tree-testingyour labels and structure.
  • 缩写词典。每家公司都有自己的一组首字母缩略词。提供任何人可以搜索,浏览和有助于帮助所有员工学习这些首字母的微妙语言的维基。
列表of acronyms and what they mean, with a search field above, and links of all acronyms down the left side of the page.
  • Employee, project, and team spotlights.Introduce employees and teams by offering short, written (or video) pieces about them. For example, once a week show an employee photo with a short description (e.g., “Meet Maria Borelli, Telecom Manager, 3 years at Acme”). The picture and title already tell a little story. Then clicking the link might open a page that describes her job and team, location, and a few quotes. Or describe a team — its members, projects, role. Be sure to sample from all around the organization, so nobody feels overlooked.
  • 管理科。仅为管理者创建Intranet的一部分。一旦通过登录验证,请为管理器信息提供他们需要最好地浏览合并的转换阶段。
  • 短期“过渡”内联网或页面。“桥梁”页面,仪表板和门户即使内部网团队正在设计一个新的内部网,也可以作为一个很好的过渡工具,将员工引导到正确的位置。特别是当最相关的信息来自不同的来源时,桥接页面可以消除不必要的搜索和恶化,并且可以增加用户的信心。另外,当新内容还没有主页时(因为正在设计新的内部网),它可能会临时放置在过渡站点上。使用过渡区来提升正确的、最新的内容。为这个临时站点何时被淘汰设置一个时间限制(这样它就不会因为设计团队的沉着而成为主要的内部网)。
  • Global navigation.通过global-navigation菜单。一种void using branded terms对于日常任务。例如,贸易“JT学习中心”为“培训”,以及“会议室时间表”的“会议”。组织并选择菜单中的术语task or topic, not by organizational structure
  • Easy to use.人in a post-merger organization may feel anxiety. And the constant intranet that used to greet them every morning may now be gone. The change and the sense of loss will add stress to employees. Circumvent some of that strain by making the new intranet easy to use.



One way to help the design team记住并考虑员工不安是更新角色包括这3个不同的元素:

  1. 焦虑about the possibility of losing a job, changing jobs, losing coworkers
  2. Confusionabout where to find information on the intranet(s) and what is current and correct
  3. Excitementabout the merger and what it promises

如果你don't have personasor don't have time to update them, consider at least communicating the 3 states of mind that post-merger employees may vacillate between. And whenever you create a new design, ask yourself how the design would help or hurt employees under each of these states of mind.



  1. 了解每个内联网的优势和弱点。
  2. 研究员工如何使用他们当前的内联网。
  3. Discover (from the executive team, HR, corporate communications, and IT) the guidelines and rules surrounding:
    1. Messaging (e.g. how to deal when something has not yet been decided)
    2. Tone (e.g. “clear and respectful” and “not light and joking”)
    3. How to refer to deprecated elements, such as products which have been or are in the process of being retired
    4. 品牌guidelines that are new or changed
    5. 工具,例如存储当前员工目录的位置,他们将来将如何变化,以及员工如何使用(例如)临时中的MS Outlook联系人
  4. Establish concise goals for the redesign.
  5. Define the roles and members of the intranet team(s) now, and at launch.
  6. 创造短期计划;快速产生临时解决方案。
  7. 计划一个长期解决方案:
    1. 新的Intranet设计,包括每个合并组织的所有相关内容
    2. 新的intranet brand支持组织的目标和文化
    3. 逐步淘汰过渡页面和功能(仅为合并后的组织搭建桥梁)
    4. 可扩展性,例如未来的合并,或者团队相互融合
    5. Technology
    6. 治理
    7. 团队角色和Intranet团队的成员发布

为了故事和经验教训fromexcellent intranet designerswho won our内联网设计一种nnualand who were involved in some way with a merger or acquisition, see our“Mergers and Acquisitions, and the Resulting Intranets”报告。