今年的Nielsen Nmanbetx官方网站手机版orman集团Intranet设计年度比赛和reportshowcases winners and offers an abundance of sound advice and scores of creative design examples that advance their users’ digital workplace. Following are the组织拥有2019年的10个最佳设计的内部网:

  • 3M(US), a global science company
  • Anthem, Inc.,(美国)是蓝色十字架和蓝盾协会中最大的营利性管理医疗保健公司
  • BHP Billiton Limited(Australia), a leading global resources company
  • 杜克能源(美国),一个最大的电力控股有限公司mpanies in the US, supplying and delivering electricity to approximately 7.4 million US customers
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)(UK), an international, multilateral development bank that provides financial instruments and advisory services that strengthen economies on three continents
  • Flight Centre Travel Group(Australia), the world’s largest independent travel company, specializing in vacations, tours, and corporate travel
  • The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)(US), an American multinational technology company
  • Lamprell Energy Limited(United Arab Emirates), a leading provider of fabrication, engineering, and contracting services to the offshore and onshore oil, gas, and renewable energy industries
  • Messer Construction Co.(美国)是一家员工拥有的商业建筑公司
  • Norwegian Government Security and Service Organization(Norway), a shared services organization within the central government of Norway

The United States Continues to Supply the Most Winners


Utilities and Government Have the Strongest Showing This Year

We broaden the definition of “utilities” to include mining and other natural resources; given that, utilities remain the most winning industry, with 31 winners (17%) since the start of this contest. This year, three utilities companies are among the winners.

Two government agencies—the Norwegian Government Security and Service Organization and EBRD—are among this year’s winners. (EBRD also qualifies as a financial institution.)

技术和财政继续强烈代表resented industries, and each has one winner this year. While certainly good, the representation of tech and finance is less than we saw in the first decade of this award and indicates that a broader range of industries are now taking intranet design and UX seriously.


From 2001 to the present, the overall average development time is 33.1 months (2.8 years). But the more interesting story is the consistent and significant drop in this average starting in 2014. From 2001 to 2013, the average was 23.5 months (2.0 years), while the average from 2014 forward was just 15.9 months (1.3 years). Last year, the average winning intranets’ development time dropped even further, to 14 months (1.2 years), and it held at 14 months again this year.

The approach that teams take to an intranet “redesign” has also changed. Today’s redesign may include restructuring the IA, auditing content, revamping search, and changing the look and feel. However, Agile development has removed the sense offinality释放的设计。团队仍然计划主要组成部分,但他们在大重新设计之后,他们将它们送到波浪中。因此,伟大的内联网始终改善。结果,测量的重新设计时间不包括内联网上的所有设计工作。它根本不能,因为重新设计是一个正在进行的项目。

Further, good intranet-creation tools can expedite development. For example, two of this year’s winners used intranet solutions that let them go live in just seven and nine months, respectively.

Teams created this year’s winning sites in an average of 14 months (1.2 years). This development time continues the trend that started in 2014, when creating the winning intranets began taking less than 1.5 years on average. In contrast, from 2001 to 2013, winning intranet teams took an average of 23.5 months (2.0 years) to complete their redesigns.

Large and Mid-Size Organizations Winning

今年的获奖者的中位数规模为33,000名员工。On average, winning organizations had 72,330 employees, ranging from 1,200 employees at Messer Construction Co. to 380,000 at IBM.


Larger Core Teams

今年的胜利Intranet的平均团队规模为20名成员 - 我们所看到的第二大议员。团队尺寸从飞行中心旅行组中的两个成员少于IBM的多达50。四支队伍 - 宣布银行Billiton Limited,Duke Energy和IBM - 比去年获奖者的平均大小(14个团队成员)。

These numbers reflect the core intranet teams, as opposed to extended teams, which might include content authors or short-term project members. Core teams comprised internal and external staff and full- and part-time employees.

In 2019, the average team size was 20 members; this is the largest average we have seen since 2013, when the average was 27 members.

它鼓励看到获胜内网的平均核心团队规模增加。对于太长而言,内联网团队一直在做有限的人力资源。创建和维护内联网 - 无论您如何自动化和构建良好的工作流程 - 仍然是一种手动工作。包括来自整个组织的个人总是需要深入的研究,掌控和政治机动。

Further, our team numbers here reflect the number of employees working on theintranet redesign; often, even fewer employees remain dedicated to intranet maintenance, governance, and iterative development after the major redesign effort is complete. Given the intranet’s importance — both for communicating internally and completing daily work — intranet teams should be even more generously staffed.


今年的获奖者的中位数规模为33,000名员工。平均而言,获奖组织拥有72,330名员工,从Messer Construction Co.的1,200名员工达到380,000人。


As a percentage, this year’s teams comprised 0.037% of company size. That is, for every 10,000 employees, 3.7 worked on the intranet team.

Line chart starting at 0.012% in 2001 and ending with 0.037% in 2019
This year’s winning intranet teams comprised 0.037% of the entire organization.


The rather complex formula below summarizes the relationship between team size and organization size for winning Intranet Design Annual teams. The intranet support ratio formula is:

Intranet support ratio = 6.689 * number of employees-0.926.

That is, you take the number of employees the intranet supports and raise it to the power of -0.926. You then multiply the resulting number by 6.689 to get the expected intranet support ratio. This ratio, multiplied by the number of employees, results in a team size. (The equation explains 89% of the variability in intranet support ratios.)

As complex at this equation is, in practice, it breaks down simply to team sizes of 8–10 people as follows:


Size of winning intranet team











散点图(点集中在对角线附近)。公式:Y = 6.689x至-0.926的功率。R平方= 0.8928。
The内联网支撑比equation explains 89% of the variability in intranet support ratios. This effect is visible in the chart, which plots the numbers on a double logarithmic scale.





· Content creation and editor training


· Discovery


· Information architecture

· Persona creation


· 项目管理




· Wireframes

Over the years, many winning intranet teams have engaged external resources to help in their redesign projects, both to fill internal team gaps and gain outside experience and perspective.

Reliance on outside resources is a double-edged sword, however. Many winning organizations have quick development times and iterative practices, which raises a crucial question:当这些短期外部资源离开时,谁留下来迭代,维护,并不断改进新网站?


Full Report

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