以下是导致的最大问题失去的商业价值in some of our recent consulting projects:

  • An e-commerce site lost millions of dollars because overly aggressive homepage promotions made users distrust the price of any product that was not on sale. This is a classic example of the importance of信任增强设计在电子商务中。
  • 而不是提供一个统一内部网门户网站,一家大公司内联网的设计不一致,并使用不同的系统来管理不同的区域。随着员工围绕内联网移动,导航选项和结构外观发生了变化。与较新的部分相比,Intranet的部分看起来过时,这使得用户怀疑旧页面信息的准确性。同样,这是一个可信度的问题 - 信任不仅仅是一家电子商务问题。
  • 潜在客户无法找到服务公司的网点,因为store finder所需用户了解每个位置的公司名称。使用其他名称的人离开了该网站,错误地假设该公司没有服务于其领域。
  • A content site chased users away withintrusive advertisingthat included few relevant ads.
  • A completely novel Internet offering was lost on most users, who didn't understand the service, how it worked, or what it could offer them. Given their vague inklings about the payoff, users were unwilling to register with the site. Among other problems, users didn't understand the site's terminology.


所有这些业务杀害可用性问题中的共同主题是什么?他们都涉及十年来的简单可用性原则。他们都不涉及高级“Web 2.0”技术;通过实施每个人谈论的任何一个花哨的东西,没有将修复。


  • Communicating clearly让用户了解你。用户将最短时间分配给初始网站访问,因此您必须快速说服该网站的价值。
  • Providing information users want.用户必须能够轻松确定您的服务是否满足他们的需求以及为什么他们应该与您做生意。
  • Offering simple, consistent page design, clear navigation,信息架构that puts things where users expect to find them.


(For more Web design priorities, see my list of10 high-ROI design steps。)


内容规则。它在十年前做了,它今天做了。人们不使用他们不明白的东西。写作网络is still undervalued, and most sites spend too few resources refining the information they offer to users.


一般来说,您需要的是Plainspoken单词和清洁照片。尽管如此,这两个设计元素在贸易媒体中几乎没有覆盖范围。每个月,似乎是一篇关于3D纺纱观点的领先出版物的新文章,即使3d几乎没用in most cases. But you never see an article about how to write better headlines or take a clearer product photo.



  • 新技术等于新闻。Whether in a newspaper or a blog, nobody wants to run stories about the same old, same old. As the saying goes,“男人咬狗”得到新闻报道,但是“狗咬人”没有。然而,如果您负责保健系统资源优先考虑,您应该投资于帮助被狗咬的人。治疗人类被人类咬伤的狗的诊所将大部分时间都空。主要可用性指南仍然是持续的十年,没有理由忽视它们:这是一个有理由相信他们具有持久的价值并与深层人类需求有关。
  • 公司冠军技术because they can be sold as products and consulting services. Go to any tradeshow and you'll see plenty of booths pushing various fancy technologies -- most of which will make very little difference to your bottom line. But each of these technologies has smooth-talking salespeople who will invite your executives out for a round of golf. In contrast, no trade show booth features Photographers' Society representatives saying "clear photos move more products," even though it's the truth. Nor does the Writers' Guild cold-call Internet managers to sell them on the value of bulleted lists.

This is not to say that there's no role for new technology. We're currently working with a company that's placing an extremely complicated application online. They can't do this with good usability unless they use several "rich UI" tricks. But that's an application, and a big one to boot. For 90% of websites, it's more important to focus on communicating clearly, whether they're e-commerce sites, corporate sites, government sites, or non-profit sites.

Elite Experience vs. User Experience

最后原因attention flows to things that matter little to mainstream business websites: the Web's chattering classes tend to be overly engaged in the"Internet elite experience."他们实际上关心“净自己的缘故”,并通过新的方式显示地图。相比之下,普通用户只想在线完成任务。他们并不是特别喜欢网络,他们希望尽快回到工作或家庭。

华尔街经历了互联网泡沫2.0是这一个ng. But I'm concerned that Internet professionals are getting a dangerous sniff of bubble vapors as well, deluding themselves into thinking that their preferences and interests represent those of normal customers.

可用性最艰巨的课程之一是“你不是用户。”如果您在开发项目上工作,则根据定义是不典型的。设计优化外人的用户体验,而不是内部人员。The antidote to bubble vapor is user testing:了解代表用户需要的东西。努力工作很诱人,但赚钱,专注于客户价值的基础知识。