Grammar rules exist to help us communicate clear and meaningful messages. Many grammatical rules are sacred and should never be violated, such as misusing homonyms and idioms, or choosing the wrong word (e.g., “there” instead of “their”). Such mistakes make us sound incompetent (when we’re not) and damage credibility.Writing for online is different than writing for print

  • Web users are oftenaction oriented,“向前倾身”在寻找目前的问题的答案中,而不是靠背来吸收一本好书。
  • 网页内容是distributed among multiple locations-often on separate websites-whereas print content is usually delivered as a single object with no separate navigation other than turning the page.
  • Interactiveusers read very few wordson most web pages, because they're impatient and already have their mouse-finger itching to move to the next page.
  • 人们可以困惑或误导当搜索在从上下文中脱离的网页上浏览它们时,如果他们已经阅读了该站点的其余部分。精心制作的写作风格需要太长时间,不能直接设置新来的用户。

Some grammar rules are worth breaking如果你有充分的理由。但在我给你我的最高规则列表之前,重要的是要强调,我没有主张作家违反或变得邋..的作家。您必须先知道规则,然后有效地打破它们。

The rules that you can violate depend on thecontext, 目标观众和品牌或说话的语气。For example, the tone applied to professional publications is usually more formal than the tone of blog posts from the same company. Formal tone usually requires adhering to traditional writing conventions more closely, whereas conversational tone allows for greater flexibility.

With that said, the following list applies to almost any website. With balanced usage, breaking these rules can result in better scannability and comprehension.


Sentence fragments are incomplete sentences, usually missing a subject or verb. Complete sentences are important because they express a complete idea. While it’s advisable to write complete sentences, when applied sparingly, fragments can add impact. Help readers feel what you feel.

对于Web读者,snippets are a plus because they allow users to scan不必阅读全身副本。当句子片段正确完成时,读者可以从上一句话中借用单词以使片段整体。上下文填补了空白。

是简洁的。Web用户会爱你。 breaks writing rules purposefully for a casual conversational tone. Fragments add rhythmic interest and emphasize information.



A common writing rule for numbers is to spell out whole numbers less than 10; reserve the numeric format for numbers 10 or greater.


Version A: Our solar system consists of eight planets. There are four planets that have rings around them.



In general,当数字需要脱颖而出时,将它们显示为数字。我们的eyetracking studies show people fixate on numeralswhen looking for facts.

(在我们的报告中获取更多深入信息:How People Read on the Web: The Eyetracking Evidence。)

打破规则# 3:段落应该包含3 - 5 sentances


This technique facilitates scanning because it gives readers a break. It’s much easier to read small paragraphs than large blocky ones. Small digestible paragraphs like these feel inviting and facilitate scanning.


Ignoring all writing rules is not going impress anyone. However, some rules are worth breaking to facilitate scanning and heighten comprehension and mood. The overarching tenet: Break grammar rules for清晰度和速度。适可而止。学习更多关于可用周的网页写作技术