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  • 服务蓝图研讨会的指南


  • Task Analysis: Support Users in Achieving Their Goals


  • JAKOB互联网用户体验的定律

    What are the shortcomings of following Jakob's Law of Internet UX (which states that "users spend most of their time on other sites")?

  • Running a Remote Usability Test, Part 2


  • 7 Steps to Benchmark Your Product’s UX

    Benchmark your UX by first determining appropriate metrics and a study methodology. Then track these metrics across different releases of your product by running studies that follow the same established methodology.

  • When Remote Workshops Fail

    For a successful remote workshop, pick the tools with low entry cost, plan timing carefully, and create the expectation for active participation.

  • Can People with Established Careers in Another Field Become UX Professionals?

    Will the UX field value people who change careers from another field and want to become user experience professionals? Will the field still value them if they're a bit older, and how do they compete with fresh graduates?

  • Mask Interaction Delays with Progress Indicators

    In case of slow response times in a user interface, indicate that the wait time will soon be over by showing an animation. For longer delays use a percent-done indicator.

  • 在视觉设计相似原理

    Design elements that appear similar in some way — sharing the same color, shape, or size — are perceived as related, while elements that appear dissimilar are perceived as belonging to separate groups.

  • 关于计算UX投资回报率的三个神话


  • 10个用户界面设计的可用性启发式

    Jakob Nielsen's 10 general principles for interaction design. They are called "heuristics" because they are broad rules of thumb for UX and not specific usability guidelines.

  • When to Use Which User-Experience Research Methods

    Modern day UX research methods answer a wide range of questions. To know when to use which method, each of 20 methods is mapped across 3 dimensions and over time within a typical product-development process.

  • 移情映射:设计思维的第一步

    Visualizing user attitudes and behaviors in an empathy map helps UX teams align on a deep understanding of end users. The mapping process also reveals any holes in existing user data.

  • Service Blueprints: Definition

    Service blueprints visualize organizational processes in order to optimize how a business delivers a user experience.

  • 对象之间的受试者之间的研究设计


  • 可用性101:可用性介绍

    What is usability? How, when, and where to improve it? Why should you care? Overview answers basic questions + how to run fast user tests.

  • UX Research Cheat Sheet

    User research can be done at any point in the design cycle. This list of methods and activities can help you decide which to use when.

  • UX映射方法比较:作弊表

    Empathy maps, customer journey maps, experience maps, and service blueprints depict different processes and have different goals, yet they all build common ground within an organization.

  • 旅程映射101.

    A journey map is a visualization of the process that a person goes through in order to accomplish a goal.

  • 为什么你只需要用5个用户测试

    Elaborate usability tests are a waste of resources. The best results come from testing no more than 5 users and running as many small tests as you can afford.

  • When and How to Create Customer Journey Maps

    Journey maps combine two powerful instruments—storytelling and visualization—in order to help teams understand and address customer needs.

  • Top 10 Application-Design Mistakes


  • Open-Ended vs. Closed-Ended Questions in User Research

    Open-ended questions prompt people to answer with sentences, lists, and stories, giving deeper and new insights. Closed-ended questions limit the answers but give tighter stats.

  • Design Thinking 101


  • F形的阅读模式在网上阅读:误解,但仍然相关(即使是移动设备)

    Eyetracking research shows that people scan webpages and phone screens in various patterns, one of them being the shape of the letter F. Eleven years after discovering this pattern, we revisit what it means today.

  • 10 Best Intranets of 2020: What Makes Them Great


  • 用户访谈:如何,何时以及为什么要进行它们

    User interviews have become a popular technique for getting user feedback, mainly because they are fast and easy. Use them to learn about users’ perceptions of your design, not about its usability.

  • Comparison Tables for Products, Services, and Features


  • Memory Recognition and Recall in User Interfaces

    Showing users things they can recognize improves usability over needing to recall items from scratch because the extra context helps users retrieve information from memory.

  • 用户体验测验:2019 ux审查中

    Test your usability knowledge by taking our quiz. All questions and answers are based on articles that we published last year.

  • 计算设计项目ROI

    Demonstrating the value of design improvements and other UX work can be done by calculating the return-on-investment (ROI). Usually you compare before/after measures of relevant metrics, but sometimes you have to convert a user metrics into a business-oriented KPI (key performance indicator).

  • ux在scrum.


  • How to Choose the Scope of Your Personas

    角色是not "one size fits all" in the UX design process. Broad-scope personas work for high-level divisions but are too shallow for detailed design decisions.

  • How to Interpret User Time Spent and Page Views

    Users’ “productivity” tasks differ from “engagement” tasks, in whether more or less is better for metrics like time on tasks, interactions, and page views. Such KPIs are important, but they must be evaluated relative to users' tasks.

  • Content Creation in Agile Development Processes

    Many best practices for high-quality content creation and management will inevitably be skipped over, unless they are explicitly planned for as user stories within any Agile development project.

  • Is A/B Testing Faster than Usability Testing at Getting Results?

    If A/B testing can quickly show which design is best, why should a UX team bother doing usability studies and other user research?

  • First Diverge, Then Converge During UX Workshops

    A general technique that's helpful in many kinds of UX workshops and design ideation is to first have team members work independently to create diverging ideas and solutions. Then, as a separate step, everybody works together to converge on the final outcome.

  • Intranet Vision

    A clear vision gives the team something to aim for, and this is especially important for intranet projects, which often involve contributors from many different departments or functions.

  • Diary Studies

    Ask users to keep a diary throughout a fairly long period is great for researching customer journeys or other bigger-scope issues in user experience that go beyond a single interaction.

  • 你无法测试一切,所以你应该怎么看?


  • Writing an Effective Guide for a UX Interview

    Preparing a guide for a user interview ensures that topics relevant to your research questions are covered, and that the interview captures in-depth information about people’s lives and needs.

  • Livestream Ecommerce: What We Can Learn from China

    Livestreams allow users to see products in detail and get their questions answered in real time. They can be integrated in ecommerce websites and on social-networking apps.

  • 如何处理UX研讨会中的主导参与者:3策略

    Facilitators can use 3 ascending levels of intervention tactics to maintain positive momentum in groups with participants who monopolize activities and limit diversity of perspectives.

  • Triangulation: Get Better Research Results by Using Multiple UX Methods

    Diversifying user research methods ensures more reliable, valid results by considering multiple ways of collecting and interpreting data.

  • 危险的UX:与良性选项接近的后果选项

    Confirmatory and destructive actions should be far apart from each other; use additional redundant visual signals to differentiate between them and avoid user errors.

  • Internal vs. External Validity of UX Studies


  • 远程设计工作:最佳挑战

    Communication is the top challenge when designing remotely, according to 213 UX professionals. Receiving feedback, replicating informal conversations, and maintaining a clear direction on projects were the biggest communication concerns.

  • How to Test Content with Users


  • 量化UX改进:一个案例研究

    A research-driven overhaul of a metal and woodworking machinery B2B site’s information architecture resulted in an 85% improvement of findability.

  • Companies on Social Media: 6 Types of User Interactions with Business