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Prototyping with Functional Fidelity in Mind


Chris Callaghan
UX & Optimization Specialist, Independent Consultant

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Recorded November 2019

60 minutes


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FAQs about 1-Hour Talks

While many UX teams are familiar with the concept of visual fidelity (the difference between wireframes and mock-ups), fewer acknowledge the different functional fidelities of prototypes.

In this online seminar, we will discuss:

  • how modern screen design tools encourage teams to adopt a workflow that favors surface design over interaction design,
  • how differing functional fidelities can help teams explore, communicate, and usability test the functional elements of user interfaces, and
  • what you need to consider to create a high functional-fidelity prototype.

Topics Covered

  • Types of prototypes and when to use them
    • Throwaway vs. Evolutionary
    • Visual fidelity (low vs. high) vs. functional fidelity (low vs. high)
  • Screen design tools
    • Features
    • Workflows
    • The broken promise of prototyping
    • Considerations for high functional fidelity tooling
  • Challenges of low functional fidelity prototypes for usability testing
    • Suspension of disbelief
    • Pre-filled personal data
    • Pre-selected options
    • Missed states, interactions and experiences
    • Directed routes
    • Low quality questioning
    • Path and artboard management
  • Prototype considerations for usability testing
    • Realism
    • Flexibility
    • Red routes
    • Devices
    • Accessibility
    • Adaptability
    • Extensibility
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60 minute talk

Prototyping with Functional Fidelity in Mind

60 minute online seminar