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Managing UX on Agile Teams

Lessons learned from a fast-growing start-up


Esse Turnbull
CXO and Founding Member, Athena Home Loans

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Recorded December 2019

60 minutes


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FAQs about 1-Hour Talks

It can be challenging to manage UX and Agile frameworks together. When a team is working quickly, UX work can easily get deprioritized in the interest of meeting deadlines. In this seminar, we will discuss overall Agile team lessons learned from the perspective of Australian fin-tech start-up, Athena Home Loans, growing from 20 to 100 people in 6 months.

Topics Covered

  • 最优技能为your squad designers
    • Dedicated UX squad resource vs allocation by need
    • Ratio of designers to developers and product managers
  • Embedding good design practices in your Agile teams
    • Aligning your agile teams on the same outcomes and metrics
    • Why a design system will help you make smarter, faster decisions
    • High-fidelity, big-picture prototyping and why it's key
  • Allocation of time on upcoming work vs in-sprint support
    • Planning ahead for UX activities and designating time for design thinking
    • Making sure there is a point allocation to continuous improvement
  • Handling UX debt
    • How to decide what gets deferred, and what does not.
    • How customer insights can be managed as part of your biweekly sprints
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60 minute talk

Managing UX on Agile Teams

60 minute online seminar