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How eBay Built a Custom Intranet

Featuring an Intranet Design Annual Winner


Adam Garner
Senior Manager, User Experience, eBay

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Recorded May 2018

60 minutes


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Learn how a large, multinational ecommerce company built an award-winning custom intranet. Hear lessons learned about these and other important factors:

  • choosing and getting the most from technology
  • balancing business goals and user needs

Take a broad, retrospective look back at eBay’s 4+ year journey of transforming from a lumbering stegosaurus suffocating under 30,000 team sites, to an agile gazelle with features and traits like:

  • robust search
  • easy page creating for all
  • greeting cards to brighten a colleague’s day

Hear many of the lessons learned along the way, how the new design creates endless possibilities for their 21K+ users.

What You’ll Learn

  • An overview of the eBay intranet and the technology landscape
  • The ins, outs and upside-downs of building a custom experience
  • Deciding what level customization is right for you

Topics Covered

  • The initial impetus for the transformation
  • Building an intranet as a product
  • Features of the intranet
  • Deciding whether to customize
  • Making product decisions and iterative decision making
  • Building consensus and forming partnerships
  • Internal governance
  • Employee behavior and collaboration
  • Supporting your brand and culture
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60 minute talk

How eBay Built a Custom Intranet

60 minute online seminar